Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Ordinary Adventurers......."

"We are all in some sense, mountaineers... and going to the wilderness is going home." J. Muir
"Some follow others expectations; a traveller out here awakens their own expectations."
Grey Wolf
Adventure is not just about the choice of activity, nor only about wilderness talent, or just one's outdoor skills, and is not really at all about age... I used to think that to be an adventurer it was necessary to bag summits, count climbs, record stats, accumulate kayak exploits, even tally up many epics... but that kind of collecting, while serving a purpose, doesn't always sustain us...
Adventure can be about being the person you want to be in a geographic place... as in what we may find in Geomancy... and that gets us closer to the essence of being an adventurer... as in what is reflected in our attitudes, desire, enthusiasms, and motivations... These things are more about energy, feelings, and emotions...
A. Hobson wrote: "The real goal. It wasn't, oddly enough, the summit of a mountain or the top of a cliff at all. That's because the goal wasn't really a place, but a feeling. It was an emotion deep inside him, and inside all of us; a sentiment we all search for, but which always seems so elusive." I believe this gets us closer to the essence of adventure regardless of the chosen activity of hiking, climbing, kayaking, canyoneering, rafting, whatever... And in this sense we are all very much alike... We are, as the Greeks write about, 'ordinarius', in that we are both middling and remarkable at one and the same time...
M. Thomsen wrote to: "There is daring in the adventure of being ordinary...".
So many think we have to be like the adventure stars out there, they miss just being out in the wilds and enjoying the stars... I've often thought, being a middling person of very ordinary wilderness skills, that... If I can enjoy such adventure; anyone can...and if anyone can; then I can enjoy even other adventures...
Anon writes; "Being an adventurer is in your state of mind which is not bound by age, performance, or place in the pack...".
It is a wonder that I've even tried so many adventure experiences, let alone kept going all these years, but from the seed of such ideas has grown over thirty years of fun and adventure out in the wildlands...


Anonymous said...

Interesting ideas. Never thought about being ordinary and yet into adventures.

Eaman said...

I really, really like what you wrote here.

drn said...

Beautifully written! A 70 yr old living in New Hampshires beautiful White Mtns I get to experience much of what you describe on a regular basis. Unfortunately I don't have the talent of putting it to paper as you have so eloquently done.
I know that many of my acquaintences would enjoy reading you.
As a very ordinary hiker and skier I have, with the company and help of friends, been able to visit most of new Hampshires high peaks. I hope my aging body will allow me to continue for many years to come.
My experience definitely supports the concept that "If I can, then...."
May I post a link to your blog on one of the hiking web-sites I frequent?

href="" My Blog


SummitStones said...

Hi Harry,
Thanks for your very nice comments and please link as you like!
This way of thinking about adventure experiences seems to resonate with many of us...
Sounds like you have enjoyed many good times out on your own summits with friends too.
And 'if we can, then.....'.
Have fun!

Jinx said...

Yes, we are more alike than not, Nicely said. Nice art work.

Anonymous said...

An unusual way to see us DSD.
But I appreciate what you mean.
My summit stone is unique too.
Where it was found and how.
A unique way of connecting.

Mark said...

Beautifully said DSD.