Sunday, January 29, 2012

"He Hadn't Noticed..."

I remember being that young, being so focused, so full of energy, with such motivation, determination, and not easily distracted at all. We met just after my descent from Sentinel Pass. He was on his way towards a solo scramble of Mt. Temple - one of my very favorite high places to wander upon. My day had started hours before first light as I wanted time alone up at the pass and the summit. The mountain wouldn't see too many this day anyway as the forecast was questionable and the light rain mists came and went. But the clouds kept drifting higher so I went anyway to spend time with the ancient rocks up there, the many old memories of mine that reflect upon Larch Valley, and with the Grand Sentinel, a climb I haven't made yet but still dream about. It was staying very cool, and the mist had blanketed everything with dew, while the gentle rain came and went as I noticed his approach. He was moving fast and steady, which this scramble asks of you, as it can be a long day out. I was perched up on a big rock and think I may have surprised him as he hadn't seemed to have noticed me, just as he didn't seem to notice the rain. He was so excited to be there, and just as eager to be on his way, but paused after learning I had been up there more than a few times myself. So young, so full of energy, dedication, and focus... I very much enjoy time with my fellow adventurers like this, even if brief moments they are. Its' almost as if we share a synergy in those seconds, of interests, dreams, intentions, and commitments. You all know exactly what I mean, I'm sure Dear Friends. There is something mysterious, yet so very powerful, in these sharings we all have experienced out there... Just as he was heading off after our short encounter, I told him to check out one of the large cairns, above the Pass, that mark the ascent to Mt. Temple's rock bands. He would discover something there, just a small gift... Something I hoped he would enjoy, as he then made his way up that wonderfully elusive mountain to the highest summit around here. He hadn't noticed all of this at first, but that is the way of things, when one's young focus is so intense. But I also know what he would then notice, as he attained his solo summit dream up there, and then would remember those moments forever..... DSD

My sincere appreciation Friends for sharing your images of your own moments of Mt. Temple.

Friday, January 27, 2012

"Adventure Intentions..."

"Standing in the inspiring vision of my future, I boldly take every step - large and small - with courage and intent." J.L. Huie

Our intentions, first steps, such important steps, here within the beginnings of our new adventure year... DSD

Thank you Neil for your contemplative image that reflects those moments when intentions become real.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Wild Place Thaumatourgos..."

Languages and stories are like stones for me; the older and the more unique, the better... The Greeks for example, knew how to blend both the mysteries and the realities of life in many of their ancient stories. Their culture was one built upon and also set many times within stone as well. They revered people who would journey into the wilds and return to share their tales. These were the Thaumatourgos... the ones who were changed, who underwent powerful transformations as they met with and endured the elements. This ability to do this within such experiences belonged to the realm of these 'wonder workers'... Adventurers are indeed Thaumatourgos and are certainly a part of that group that embraces all of the wonders out there. As adventurers, we marvel at that which we wander through, we seek out the elements and the beautiful mysteries of nature, as we know of the these potential transformations that will surely become real for us. The wilds are the places and the elements are the means... We adventurers see this every time we journey among the mountain giants, as we wander the hidden valleys and forests, as we travel among the distant coastal islands, and over the mysterious northern lakes too. Philosophers have also mused over the Thaumatourgos, but in their own unique way. Their view of such transformations and reflections are of personal beliefs, especially those about responsibilities, and also in the understanding of the concept of 'gifts'... Most adventurers I know are philosophers in their own right - poets too; as they create their own magic or 'Theurgy' out there through spirit and effort, energy, and altered perceptions. Any personal transformation is about change, in appearance, in form, and through expression. The wonder of such workings is that we see this all the time out there, like when climbing upon the face of a mountain through the various seasons. We ourselves experience this intensely when we return changed in so many ways from what we were before our adventure experience's had unfolded... As with the frozen rivers which will transform to flowing waters, as with the so stormy ocean which returns to its' own calmness, we too become an inherent part of the whole wild place Thaumatourgos. Sometimes... when wandering the wilds, I can even transform back so many years into that younger version of myself as I climb or kayak or canyoneer. Now that is a magical gift. Such transformations, our personal adventure Theurgy, is truly a transmutation of the elements. What a powerful, wonderful, blend of expression, spirit, and magic this is..... DSD

My gratitude to our Fellow Adventurers who shared their images here of their time among the Greek Islands.

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Your Journey....."

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with.....". Such an old musing, attributed to an even older way of thinking and seeing. But the real comment here, the essence of the pondering itself, is what comes now. 'Begin with', what we each ask ourselves this early season; with what kind of action; in which direction, and then we each must just take that next step... Don't you just love such beginnings my Friends... DSD
The image above is of two fellow adventurers who themselves enjoy such reflections. Thank you.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Waiting Inside....."

There is a person I hope to see out there often, hiking on a trail of dreams to a very distant valley... There is someone I feel we know quite well, out upon those ocean waters, among those so secluded islands... There is a wanderer we each sense out beyond too, wondering at the beauty & mystery of both sunrise and sunset... There is also a familiar individual rappelling, deep into those canyons, just out there a little ahead of us... There is a climbing partner of ours, who waves once again at us, from those heights of rock and spirt and thought... That person, that paddler, this climber, and hiker, is the real adventurer within each of us my Dear Friends. There is an Adventurer inside each of us here, waiting to journey out there, so we can meet with each other again, and share so much more with ourselves in all of these wild ways..... DSD

My appreciations to our Friends who share their images of dreams and visions with us in this early year.

Friday, January 13, 2012


"Crimson light through pine shadows. Setting sun settling in the ocean. Night follows the setting sun. Day follows the fleeing moon...". D. Ming-Dao
A winter hike on a coastal beach, an old book in my hand. Meditations about a calming storm, now sleeping under a wild full moon..... DSD

Saturday, January 07, 2012

"Wild Place Veils..."

For we adventurers, our wild places are so very much more than a location on the map. There are secrets out there, unique unknowns, further, farther, higher, and within as well... Wild places may become our special sanctuary too, if only we allow ourselves a glimpse beyond certain kinds of veils... I remember, what was disguised within those cold winter days out with our dog teams, and beyond that veil of continually falling snows... We remember, that unseen mountain, invisible to us through that white out, yet that presence we found beyond will never be lost nor forgotten... We recall, the rain that seemed to forever screen away those distant coastal islands, until we journeyed through that misty curtain and then beyond even that veil too... The shades of nightfall, the disguising fog on a long beach trek, the apparently concealing mist that covers a deeply forested river valley - all are veils that secret so much beyond them and then within as well... Then as we seek to pierce those veils of understanding and perceiving within all of this, and as we see that which was first invisible, now through the rising, wafting smoke of our camp fires - our wild place veils slowly, wonderfully, begin to drift and fall away... Perfect timing for our unfolding new year and the adventure dreams and plans we are each creating..... DSD

My appreciation Dearhearts for your wonderful misty mindful images.

Friday, January 06, 2012


Here we are once more Dear Friends, at the trailhead of our unfolding year... What adventure shall we embrace next..... DSD

Sunday, January 01, 2012

"Put Some Boots On Your Dreams..."

To ponder is one thing. to muse another. Reflection is wonderful, and dreaming is a gift. We have such abilities to envision all that we so want to wander among and through. Our minds create the possibilities, and then it is time to climb further... "Put some boots on your dreams", our Outward Bound Instructor said. Then we were to learn of the wild places beyond contemplation; of the terrain of taking actions. These were steps on trails of another kind, towards horizons of dreams now made very real. 'Boots on our dreams' - a so potent shared metaphor, said so long ago to us, long pondered over many more seasons, and now passed forward once more to all of you Dear Friends for our New Year's..... DSD

My thanks for the sharing of your images and you wild companionship Friends.