Friday, September 30, 2011

"Mount Miles & Krowicki Peak..."

"Mountain summits are small places with large symbolic potential... The sublimity of mountain climbing manifests itself in two ways: as an environment to be experienced and as a medium for self-expression." R. Mitchell

Please have a visit today Dear Friends, on our fellow adventurer Andrew Nugara's site linked below. It is the story of the climbs and the naming of Mount Miles & Krowicki Peak. Andrew was 'Adventuring for Another Reason', for his best buddy Miles... He took the images above and wrote that, "I have come to respect and admire Miles in ways I cannot effectively put into words so I will refrain from trying and offer this tribute in place of." His ascents and naming of these two peaks speaks many volumes... DSD

"Listen... Listen to the songs of the mountains, the songs of the forests and the river... Then listen more closely, for you may see that it is you that has been singing." Grandfather, Mountain Elder

"How Far....."

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go...". TS Eliot

Oh, the relative nature of it all within adventures; the inherent individuality this reflects. Our own choices, our own risks. Our personal distances, our internal heights and depths. How far we ask ourselves - yet once again, we don't know, of we don't go... DSD

Dedicated to those WCT hardy adventurers who wandered this amazing trail this past season. Especially those who 'Adventured For Another Reason...'.

Appreciate the image my Friends.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"To Beach Scribe..."

Hiking on such secluded beaches, writing so many ponderings in the sand. Words about wild places we have experienced, notes for ourselves about being here, and then where we now want to journey... Stories in the sand of who it is we each want to become in those moments. All ways to beach scribe, to journal in such a wonderful way... Another means for envisioning our adventures, while gazing out upon both the waves and such sandy musings in time. Now while standing very still, and looking out over oceans of dreams and desires, seeing our scribblings once more in the sand, being caressed and moved by the winds gentle breezes. These ephemeral ponderings become hopes for our wanderings yet to come. Now we are listening more closely, to the murmurs of the waves, for they also respond to our words and their echoes. Long coastal beach hiking adventures, with sandy words that now become paths and trails, they speak aloud of the potential and promises we feel, so very deep in our hearts out there..... DSD

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Strange, Complex, Inexplicable..."

"Songs, poems, literature, walking in the woods,evoke certain feelings...Sometimes they are strange, complex, inexplicable... often beyond comprehension." J. Masson

As adventurers we often touch upon the many connections between the wild places and the subtle poetry of it all. We have all experienced those moments of nexus, those trailheads and crossing points, that blending of feelings and knowings, from our wanderings deep within nature... Strange, yet so engaging they are. Complex, but so full of clarity they become. Inexplicable, yet so much a part of it all, and of us, as to feel that we have found something again that was never really lost... Only beyond comprehension until we recognize our ancient selves out there and what may be possible too... Then these elusive nexus become real, now a part of us again, and this potent inspiration transforms into motion and action, as we move forward, upward, onward, and even more inward... For a sense of this today, for a feeling of such poetry in motion, for some visual music of potential and wonder - take a few moments and enjoy under the 'Inspiration Link' section to the right: "Ueli Steck Going Home". The motivation and music there stirs the blood, brings a sense of wonder, and maybe even a tear to our eye as a fellow adventurer shares with us even more about what is inexplicably possible..... DSD

My appreciation to our fellow far place wanderers for the above images.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Pathways Home..."

Pathways of wonder and feelings, trails of beauty and stone... Canyons and rivers made up of dreams, mountains and forests composed of emotions... Stairways to such mystery and wonder, pathways of feelings to wander... All going home... DSD
Composed while paddling my sea kayak, heading back from a special wild place, leaving 'home' to return home once more... This was such a wonderful adventure, amidst a season of challenges out there, and for dedications as well for those who 'Adventure for Another Reason'...
My gratitude for the above image from some wonderful water people who also so enjoy their own distant island longings...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

"Distant Island Longings..."

Have we not all gazed longingly... At a mountain summit, a very deep canyon, or especially at a distant coastal island... With all the wonderings and wantings that go along with that. There was a time when such longings over some select islands were very powerful for me. I had viewed these deserted distant islands from a shoreline, during channel crossings, even by air photos, and out on other paddle trips - but had not yet ventured out to visit and touch them... They seemed just beyond my reach back then, a bit further than my skills and preparations would take me. The winds out in that particular wild place can have a mind to take anyone way off course, or even to risk much more than one might have intended when launching out. I so much wanted to belong as one of those adventurers who had journeyed among those distant islands, shared in their secrets, enjoying their sunsets and campfires. I remember a mentor saying in his quiet voice that to really belong to something, you needed to find a way to 'be your longings'... This musing has evolved to mean many things and holds certain powerful truths deep within it... It allowed me to create the ways to eventually, finally, paddle through and wander over those elusive islands. Is there a distant island, possibly an elusive summit, maybe a dark and deep canyon, that has captured your own muse my Friends... Time to create the ways to 'be your own longings' Dear Finders... And time for me to head out paddling once more as well... DSD

Thank you David.......

Sunday, September 04, 2011

"The Deepest Breaths..."

The deepest breaths, in these moments, produce crystal memories of such meaning. The gasps and smiles, quite full of mystery, so much beauty for us to ponder. The deepest breaths, held the longest when, we find ourselves, among such wonders... Such deep breathing, when we push so hard, to achieve adventure desires, among our elusive choices. The deepest of breaths, within those last summit steps, we experience intensely, and not just upon mountains... The endurance of passions, require the deepest of breaths, for wild journeys out there, then on paths as well back here... The very deepest of breaths, taking in all about us, inhaling in what we are, inspiring who we may become... DSD

Dedicated this season to those adventurers who have followed their dreams while 'Adventuring For Another Reason', both this last season, and for those about to step out now...

My gratitude to our wild place friends who captured the above images while on their own adventure journeys.

Friday, September 02, 2011

"Descending Thoughts..."

"When you come back down, you begin to think about what you did... Then you start to think: If I could do that, I can do anything. But if we had turned our backs at the bottom and never gone up, we would never have learned that lesson." J. Amatt

Ascent and descent, perceptions from both. Lessons from up there, gifts for ourselves, to bring back and share... DSD

Dedicated to those wonderful wanderers who have been 'Adventuring For Another Reason' this last summer season. My thanks to our high place friends for the above image as well.