Thursday, September 06, 2018

“Hello Dear Friends...”

Hello Dear Friends. 
Over twenty five years and so many seasons have unfolded now with this little Summit Stone endeavour.
I am grateful for every moment along the way.
Since becoming ill some years ago, my adventure activities are few now, yet my enthusiasm remains. 
I am so appreciative of fellow wanderers who have become ‘Partners In Placing’ these Summit Stones as well.
My intention is to keep going as far as this trail takes me. 
Thank you for sharing in all of this all and I hope we remain companions for many more adventure seasons.
Might I ask at this point for a bit of your time.
These last months in particular have invited me to see even more deeply into how many others who are dealing with chronic illnesses are still climbing their own mountains.
These folks are Adventurers and also Survivors.
So I started a Facebook Page in support of them called “The Survivors Club “. 
Would you mind taking a few moments to have a look, and then like & share this new Page if it pleases you, to send out some support for all of them.
My sincere gratitude,

Thursday, August 30, 2018

“Momentum From The Inside...”

The great mountaineer Reinhold Messner wrote: "There is no greater stimulation for one's own enthusiasm than self-determination... motivation is momentum from the inside... The critical dimensions of self-motivation includes mind, spirit, and body. It controls the will, stokes an 'inner fire', and lets us do things completely... Motivation does not fall from heaven. It is hidden in all of us. It has only to be awakened... Motivation is like bottled, concentrated energy. It is stored for a long time as expectations, hope, and dedication... I know that the strongest motivations come from the inner depths of the soul."

Monday, August 27, 2018

“Of Beauty And Mystery...”

"Hidden in and under the mountain, and all around it, is a mystical, linear elegance, an atmosphere, the long jewel-like ridges. There is a meaning for us, an extended journey, a project of inspiration to which our minds will be apprenticed”.
"The mountains... are an exultant image whose mirrors create the effect of endlessly receding planes. Their image is suddenly clear, then is blurred, an expression of our presence..."
"The mountain... obscures itself among other mountains, finds secrecy in its weather and moods... There is a strangeness, one of a beautiful worth. A storm breaks. We are called to its prismatic, poetic mood, a beauty that pervades every part of us... for all that is given, and that we are blessed to know, and must leave hidden." 
Pat Ament
Many life long mountaineers, like Ament, eventually journey to a waypoint where the mystery of their adventures' becomes as important as the places themselves.
Wild places, especially mountains seem to inherently; yet subtly - invite us to search out the mystery to be found out there within these elements.....  DSD

Thursday, August 23, 2018

“Adventuresome Connections...”

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.”  Neil deGrasse Tyson

Monday, August 20, 2018

“Our Daily Supplement...”

The Ancient Ones forever mused over the wonders within being in-spired: To breath in that which would keep us going.
As Adventurers, we know about the importance of many kinds of sustenance, be it food, water, sunshine, even friends. Sustenance for the ephemeral kinds of endurance we need out there, would seem to be as much an essential element as any other; this 'inspiration' - this Vitamin 'I'.
What a critical substance for our wanderings, for discovering the meanings within the why we do what we do out there.
I believe it is something we would seem to need daily. Do we not desire, even crave this on so many levels? Seeking inspiration in itself can become a wanderers dream, a pilgrimage of endless purpose.
There are so many avenues for inspiration. It is so very abundant. A few sources that fellow adventurers and I have evoked include: Simply getting out there, for the wild places themselves offer endless gifts that inspire, even take our breath away; within dreaming & vision questing; from others wonderful stories & experiences; images & memories; readings & quotations; and especially within those potent unexpected moments of serendipity & mystery we will most surely find ourselves in.
Such inspiration is truly a fundamental energy within motivation for setting out upon any path, an energy needed to understand all challenges, and an energy essential when wandering towards any chosen horizon.
What fuels; that which drives our enthusiasms is drawn from this well with no bottom.
Inspiration is an elemental energy that is indeed priceless, ageless, timeless, and boundless - and yet available to every one of us.....  DSD 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

“Just A Little Higher...”

Just climb a little higher”, the Outward Bound Instructor had said three times now.
"Just climb a little higher".
We were leading our group on a difficult mountain scramble and I had taken on the role of route finding. I have since come to so enjoy finding a way over rock and scree and vertical terrain; but back then I had no experience in this artful skill at all. My novice perspective at that time and limited outlook did not really let me see past my own immediate position on the mountain.
Being so focused on my own little world of rock and exposure, I don't think I was being of much assistance to our group. It was a very good thing that on this day I was being shadowed by one of our Instructors.
 Always there, much like my real shadow, for support and guidance. I couldn't count the times I was confused about where to reach or step next, yet each time that Instructor just quietly said, "Just climb a little higher”.
 I then saw what I hadn't noticed before - almost as if a new route appeared before my eyes. Each time with a slight change of perspective came different options; more choices of where and how to move.
After the last time these guiding words were said, then there was no more route to find.
Instead a vista that brought a tear to my eye had opened up; an expanse that was there so quickly I was surprised. The most blue of blue sky's shimmered above our heads and just to the side was the traditional summit cairn.
This learning metaphor from such real experience has assisted me so well over the years when finding my way again on new terrain in adventures and life. 
All I have to do, to be able to see more clearly, to gain new perspectives, is just remind myself to just climb a little higher.....

Thursday, August 16, 2018

“The Winged One’s...”

I have always believed that we have yet to truly understand the unique, powerful, and mysterious relationship we have to those who fly overhead.
Stephen Lyman wrote:"To the Winged Ones who see the larger picture from above".
Those of our winged family who have such a view of the world have much they can teach us.
I remember Coastal kayaking among eagles young and old passing so closely by.
A ridge route scramble, where quietly above us, maybe not noticed by all, was a great flight of wonders.
Being solo on Banff's 3rd highest summit; higher than any mountain is sight, where my friend for the day was a single companionable bird.
I remember Rafting the Grand; both in the midst of serious rapids and those quiet moments of floating and contemplation, when diving among us were winged creatures of to many varieties to count.
There was a Columbia Icefields summit; where that magnificent creature of the air led the way.
And there, flying overhead, on another past adventure, we were once more sharing blue sky and even a more blue ocean with another of our wild place family out there.
And yet again, during a season for climbing, after just a glimpse of a passing shadow, I waited to look up because I knew what I was wondering and hoping for and was not disappointed.
There they were; not so far above, following our route - the mist in my eyes that moment from more than the cold.
A beautiful feather fell from the sky at some point that day and had landed near the summit cairn.
While I didn't get a picture, it then rested with the register along with some small painted cobblestones.
I truly do believe we share a close relationship with the 'Winged Ones' that we do not fully understand yet.
Scientists can't seem to agree on if we evolved some how from them; or maybe they have evolved further from us.
It does seem though, that if we could soar high above, especially during troubling times, and view the world from such a perspective, much would be seen differently by us on this great rock we all share.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

“New Dimensions...”

"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions...". O.W. Holmes

Sunday, August 12, 2018

“Of Listening...”

"Much silence has a mighty noise...". Swahili Proverb

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear...". Ram Dass

Friday, August 10, 2018

“One Day A Boy Asked His Father...”

One day a boy asked his father, “What is the value of this life?” Instead of answering, the father told his son, “Take this rock and go offer it at a market, however do not accept any offer and bring the rock back to me. If anybody asks the price, raise two fingers and don’t say anything.”The boy then went to the market and a man asked,”How much is this rock? I want to put it in my garden.” The boy didn’t say anything and raised two fingers, so the man said… “$2? I’ll take it.” And the boy went home and told his father, “A man at the market wants to buy this rock for $2.” The father then said, “Son I want you to take this rock to the museum, and if you are asked the price, raise two fingers and don’t say a word.” The boy then went to the museum, and quickly a man wanted to buy the rock, The boy didn’t say anything and raised two fingers and the man said… “$200? I’ll take it.” The boy was shocked and went running home with the rock in hand, “Father a man wants to buy this rock for $200.” His father then said, “There is one last place I’d like you to offer this rock, take it to the precious stone store and show it only to the owner and don’t say a word, if he asks the price raise two fingers.” The son then went to the precious stone store and showed the rock to the owner. “Where did you find this?” The owner asked, “This is a most precious unpolished gem, one of the most valuable in the whole world, I must have it. What price would you take for it?” The boy didn’t say anything and raised two fingers to which the man replied “Two million dollars? That is a bargain, I’ll take it!” The boy not knowing what to say went breathlessly running home to his father anxiously clutching this now priceless gem, terrified that he might lose it, “Father there is a man who wants to buy this rock for two million dollars!!!” The father then said, “Son you have been carrying in your hands, one of the most precious objects of our people, it is truly priceless!” The father then said, “Son do you now know the value of your life?” To which the son replied… 'The value of my life, is much like this rock, it depends on who it is offered to. Some place a value of $2, others $200, and still others two million dollars. I must surround myself with other precious Souls who recognize the greatest value of my life, because it is my most precious possession, and I must not allow it to be under valued, it’s true value is priceless.' " In reply the father said, " Son you have actually held in your possession the TWO most precious things that our people have, one is the stone and the other is YOU, that is why I asked you to hold up TWO fingers" What is the value of this life??? Priceless!”  Raymond D. Longoria Jr.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

”Of Difficulty And Daring...”

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare... It is because we do not dare that they are difficult...". Seneca
Interesting at times how a cliff or mountain may present as such a test for us - until after we have embraced and climbed them. Then they become more truly the fun challenges that we now remember fondly.
Curious how some rapids may look to be such a trial - until after we have run them , then we laugh and talk so excitedly in the afterglow of those moments.
Funny how the unknown out there and the darkness of those nights may be so foreboding - until we keep going and then see what was on the other side of such mists, and our confidence grows yet again.
So interesting it is...

Sunday, August 05, 2018

“Leave No Stone Unturned...”.

"To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says: 'Leave no stone unturned'...". E.Lytton

We turn over so many cobblestones on our journey...
Under some we find what hides in the dark, damp places, and that which maybe should be left alone.
Under most others though, we discover treasure we learn to embrace and define within our adventure ways.
Yet all likely need to be turned, experienced, pondered, and mused about...
Where will your next stone be found Dear Finders...

Saturday, August 04, 2018


"Remember... The dream that comes true in midocean or at the dry waterhole or on black ice; the animal that appears at the precise and empty instant you need it to whisper in your ear." 
R. Shultheis

Remember, my dear friends, remember such moments from within our lives of adventure, and smile once again at the wonder of it all...  DSD

Friday, August 03, 2018

“At Some Point...”

"At some point in every wilderness journey, a moment comes when triggered by a sudden sensation, a glance backward or a stop to look all around, the trekker realises that a threshold has been crossed, that the last vestiges of tamed landscape have been left behind and the surrounding territory is purely wild." M. Mardon

I do so love that very moment.
And often ponder how it seems very much like that, both externally out there, and also within our internal landscape as well...

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

“Adventuresome Motives...”

"But if adventure has a final and all embracing motive it is surely this: We go out because it is in our nature to go out and climb mountains and to sail the seas, to fly the planets and plummet into the depths of the oceans. By doing these things we may touch with something outside or behind, which strangely seems to approve our doing them. We extend our horizon, we expand our being, we revel in the mastery of ourselves." W. Noyce

Monday, July 30, 2018

“Embracing The Ancient...”

To have such a hiking trail, with nearby rocky peaks to scramble upon, while being surrounded by Ice Fields and glaciers so very, very old, is simply wonderful and amazingly beautiful.
It's almost as if the elements have agreed that because so much of this area is so high, so extreme, and so far away, that one small point on this part of the map should be accessible to us. If for no other reason than to bear witness to what can most often may be only seen, never touched.
That seems to be true for the many who come to view the glaciers from far down before us on the highway below. Many cannot, or choose not to hike or scramble in this way, yet they are still afforded moments among such majesty of long ago.
Way up here though, as we gaze across at the distant Ice Fields, we can sense times long past, moments belonging to the Olden Ones and their ways. Everything here has existed, has lived, for so long that any kind of measure of their time lines becomes indistinct. These ancient peaks, these great glaciers, even the oldest windswept trees, among lichens of so many colors and ageless rocks of such different kinds surely holds the secrets of the eternities.
There are old stories to be discovered here, and told, of what existed back then, of the precursor's of today, of these beautiful monuments belonging to antiquity. 
They are so well preserved, and all so very prepared to pause for each of us - their former selves still in their continuing greatness in all its splendour, waiting patiently for we adventurers to venture forth and hike there among these ancients.....

Sunday, July 29, 2018

“What If...”

What if...
What if it all means we should go. 
You know, even with all of 'That'.
What if all of those other so important distractions, that daily distress, those preoccupations of people and time pressures, the never ending deadlines, family concerns, others issues, lack of support or sleep, that extra work, or feeling quite tired of it all - what if on another level of understanding and need, what if it all means you should go.
Of course, many of these are real concerns, important in their own way, and needing of some time and attention. But, what if, having all of these kinds of storms in our lives - rather than meaning we shouldn't or seemingly couldn't go, what if they all actually are telling us a different secret... 
Even while they are trying us, testing us, to see how much we want these adventures; what if much of what we really need many times is to be found in the avocation of our wanderings out there.
What if, by going, we discover more clarity, become centered again, more focused yet relaxed, renewed of energy, and so much more able to return to navigate all those other such things back here.
What if, after pondering this seemingly simple question, we each uncover a heretofore hidden and immeasurably valuable answer for ourselves.
What if...

Thursday, July 26, 2018

“Two Climbing As One...”

Two climbers, two rope partners, two close friends. 
Climbing as one, on a mountain of rock, among endless beauty of snow and ice. 
Knowing that closeness and shared feelings of movement, sensation, of placement, and position. 
It is typically two who are out there, upon those mountain faces, while linked by rope, and commitment in that unique way. 
There may be two, but they are really climbing as one.
A special experience of connection it is, of profound shared wonders and such potent energy. 
Touching the same rock - moving, blending, within the music of adventurous synchronicity. 
A mixing in of space, within moments of time, and of an agreed upon intention. 
One knowing the other, so very closely, in that experience of trust, confidence, and friendship. 
There may be two, yet they are more truly climbing as one..... DSD

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

“Such Tides...”

While even so called, I was to learn that such tides occur not just in the spring, but rather when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are in concordance. They are the strongest of tides; the tides of extremes for highs and lows, when the pull, the drawing, of both sun and moon work synergisticly together. 
The moon was indeed very full as I looked out over those island waters. I had not seen them in some time.
The tide tables also shared what could now be viewed out among these quiet points of rock that were growing higher and larger as the minutes passed. 
The waters were withdrawing, were retreating, were letting go of their grasp upon the land. 
And as with all true mystery, now things were being shared that were not known before. 
I was up at that very early hour for just this experience. 
To listen in the night, to converse with the moon, to watch the waters ebb beyond, to walk upon a shoreline that hardly ever breathes the air, and hopefully to find those treasures that are only shared in those brief, ephemeral, moments such as this.
They were indeed there.
The pure soft sands, the countless shells & sand dollars, endless polished cobblestones, and tidal life so vibrant and full of energy. 
I wandered and strolled and walked and mused and stooped and sat for endless moments, until the waters voice became more insistent to return. 
Then the first full glow of a distant horizon began to more show itself.
Such a special spring tide.
Another of those gentle, hidden, beautiful gifts from out there..... DSD 

Monday, July 23, 2018

“No Tread At All It Seemed...”

No Tread at all it seemed, between us and the trail that day.
Within a flow, a sense of something else, effortlessness among our paths. 
Those feelings, a sweet spot to be, ongoing motion, momentum forward, no need for long to rest.
No tread between us and the trail, nor the mountain too.
Steep slopes, so much loose scree, yet continuous movement, with heads held up very high. 
The knowing of endurance of another kind, an assuredness within each and every step. 
Forward, upward, then upon the peak, nothing between us and the ancient rock. 
Instead a sensing, blending, becoming one, between us and that whole adventure day.....DSD

Thursday, July 19, 2018

“Simply, Quietly, Resolutely, Calmly...”

To stand upon such a summit; quietly, resolutely, calmly. 
Listening by oneself, to our most inner adventure selves.
On our own, yet never alone. 
Gazing out before us, upon a sea of summits, and wonderful experiences too.
To rest upon a summit in this way, to begin to know our mountain, so very personally and closely, is to touch the hidden and elusive, the most ephemeral, the very enduring, the truly elemental. 
Upon such a summit, simply by oneself..... DSD

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I've always believed in Geomancy: the mysteriousness of the Elements.
I've certainly felt the reality of Geopiety: special favorite places in the world where we each seem to belong.
How about you? Hasn't it felt just 'right' when you've touched that granite rock, turned a corner on that trail and saw that forever moment vista, or landed with a muted crunch on that sandy and rocky beach.
What about one of those nights when you got up for a moment and gazed up at stars to numerous to count.
Then discovered again that mountain lake that you've seen so many times before and yet find yourself now really beginning to sense what is there.
Then there are the sounds - falling asleep to the wind in the trees, the distant thunder that both intrigues and yet scares us, the many cords of the rain, how it starts, grows in cadence, then fades away. And the ocean - which has too many sounds too note, and yet whose music we never seem to tire of.
How can there not be a Geomancy; how can we not find some Geopiety?
So it also feels right to then give something back; picking up some garbage out there, helping on trail restoration, or quietly passing forward while placing a few little touchstones season after season.
Maybe when others found these, it invited them to create some of their own Geomancy.
Maybe they will also then give something back to that wild place...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

“A Lovely Truth...”

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware."    M. Buber

Friday, July 13, 2018


Languages and stories are like stones for me; the older and the more unique, the better.
The Greeks for example, knew how to blend both the mysteries and the realities of life in many of their ancient stories. Their culture was one built upon and also set many times within stone as well. They revered people who would journey into the wilds and return to share their tales. These were the Thaumatourgos.
The ones who were changed, who underwent powerful transformations as they met with and endured the elements. This ability to do this within such experiences belonged to the realm of these 'wonder workers'.
Adventurers are indeed Thaumatourgos and are certainly a part of that group that embraces all of the wonders out there.
As adventurers, we marvel at that which we wander through, we seek out the elements and the beautiful mysteries of nature, as we know of the these potential transformations that will surely become real for us. The wilds are the places and the elements are the means.
We adventurers see this every time we journey among the mountain giants, as we wander the hidden valleys and forests, as we travel among the distant coastal islands, and over the mysterious northern lakes too. 
Philosophers have also mused over the Thaumatourgos, but in their own unique way. Their view of such transformations and reflections are of personal beliefs, especially those about responsibilities, and also in the understanding of the concept of 'gifts'.
Most adventurers I know are philosophers in their own right - poets too; as they create their own magic or 'Theurgy' out there through spirit and effort, energy, and altered perceptions. Any personal transformation is about change, in appearance, in form, and through expression. 
The wonder of such workings is that we see this all the time out there, like when climbing upon the face of a mountain through the various seasons. 
We ourselves experience this intensely when we return changed in so many ways from what we were before our adventure experience's had unfolded. As with the frozen rivers which will transform to flowing waters, or with the so stormy ocean which returns to its' own calmness, we too become an inherent part of the whole wild place Thaumatourgos. 
Sometimes when wandering the wilds, I can even transform back so many years into that younger version of myself as I climb or kayak or canyoneer. 
Now that is a magical gift. 
Such transformations, our personal adventure Theurgy, is truly a transmutation of the elements. 
What a powerful, wonderful, blend of expression, spirit, and magic this is..... DSD

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Musae, Movere, Ignis. Significatio, Elementi, Vita. Ignis, Ubi, Natura... Nine words of Latin. Written on some parchment. Found in an old register. Upon an elusive summit. It seems the interpretation though, is now up to each of us. Calculus... DSD 

Saturday, July 07, 2018


Mountain summits are small places with large symbolic potential... The sublimity of mountain climbing manifests itself in two ways: as an environment to be experienced and as a medium for self-expression." R. Mitchell

Thursday, July 05, 2018

“It’s All About Perspective...”

"Yet another burned area presents itself further along the trail with many a scorched tree still standing, very likely to live on through many more thunderstorms. But one dead tree... seems to have stood in the ground through many revolutions of the earth... its bark peeling away exposing its wood to the elements. While the sides of the dead fir are charred, its upper surface is smooth, bleached to a uniform grey, and as inviting to an artist as a chalkboard. He takes a piece of charcoal in hand and sketches a woman's face, not in bold outline, but subtly, with shadings and blurred features, so that an unsuspecting hiker coming upon it later might wonder if Mother Nature hadn't drawn the image herself." M. Mardon

Monday, July 02, 2018

“Adventure Energies...”

I've heard Mountain & Sea Kayak Guides, as well as our Outward Bound Instructors, all mention it. 
We've seen it in action in the Grand Canyon; experienced it in ways hard to describe while climbing and when out upon the ocean; felt it so sustain us on longer treks. 
And we are still seeking out the meanings of to 'go where the energy is'... 
I believe this to be a quietly, profoundly, simply important concept for those of us who wander. We only need to witness its' magic once in a fellow adventurer, after seeing them so tired and worn out past where a person would be expected to last. Yet they do... 
We see them discover a different source of energy, a whole new wellspring of enthusiasm and motivation to keep on going. It is then we ask: What is this means for motion have they tapped into; what elemental energies have they aligned with? 
While as individuals we do vary in our physical makeup, in our internal energies of motivation and drive, and as well in how our external objectives then pull each of us forward - energy is the essence that any adventurer draws upon to make their wild place dreams become real. 
Ability is only the beginning. 
Energy is what makes it sustaining. 
So, what does this mean - 'to go where the energy is'? Could it be about those places of geomancy where a force, some kind of latent power, emanates from the elements themselves? 
Might it be the synergy of shared vigour and fun that group activity out there radiates in countless dynamic ways? 
What is hidden behind that which incites each of us, that causes our hearts to beat so, that stimulates our mind, our spirit, the very core of our being? 
Maybe it is the potential to be discovered within every new experience; possibly the passions each of us have that fuels our personal flames; or also quite likely the endless variations of the elements themselves that never cease to inspire each of us out there. So wherever your elemental enthusiasms wait for you Dear Finder, trek towards them, embrace them, allow yourself to be infused by them. Ask yourself right then, why does this stimulate me so, what is it that I want here, what do I want this to mean, why is this so important for me. 
Such questions and the resulting musings will surely guide each of us to where your own lasting energies await..... DSD

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

“Something Within...”

"So if you cannot understand that there is something in us which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you won't see why we go...". G. Mallory
Dedicated this adventure season to all our Friends who understand this 'something within us', and who are Adventuring For Another Reason ..... DSD  

Monday, June 25, 2018

“Of Seeing...”

There is a person I hope to see out there often, hiking on a trail of dreams to a very distant valley.
There is someone I feel we know quite well, out upon those ocean waters, among those so secluded islands.
There is a wanderer we each sense out beyond too, wondering at the beauty & mystery of both sunrise and sunset.
There is also a familiar individual rappelling, deep into those canyons, just out there a little ahead of us.
There is a climbing partner of ours, who waves once again at us, from those heights of rock and spirt and thought.
That person, that paddler, this climber, and hiker, is the real adventurer within each of us my Dear Friends. 
There is an Adventurer inside each of us here, waiting to journey out there, so we can meet with each other again, and share so much more with ourselves in all of these wild ways..... DSD

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

“Never Stop...”

"Be like the explorers of old... Never stop learning, never stop exploring, never stop going on adventures." 
D. Ming-Dao
So never shall we..... DSD

Friday, June 15, 2018

“Timely Truth...”

 It is one of those distinct truths, we adventurers come to know so well, within our awareness of time, and especially of moments out there.
The real truth of it is, very much written in stone it would seem, that the time will pass anyway, regardless of how we plan or wander.
A truth we learn to hopefully embrace, not in any way of sadness or loss, for this potent awareness is so valuable, when understanding the depths of moments we each are gifted.
Time will indeed most certainly pass, no matter if we are aware, or do not choose to participate, as it is our time, and our own choice, to blend with this as we will.
When looking ahead over decisions and directions, then when gazing back upon memories and wonders, all the while accepting the elemental adventurous nature - of time..... DSD

Thursday, June 14, 2018

“A Book Of Musings...”

A small book, a great mountain, slowly unfolding sunrise, then a powerful storm.
Endless unique rock, many little stones, very strong winds, then some gentle rain.
An old book passed forward, now read upon a mountain seemingly on fire, gifting images of spirit, and lingering alpenglow.
A very old weathered tome, with an aged character and cover of leather, discovering the experience of losing oneself in its musings, now finding even more to ponder , then to write about too...
A small book, a great mountain, a brilliant sunset, and then such calm.
All reflecting the spirit of our adventures, and now of such lasting precious memories as well..... DSD
Dedicated this adventure day to all of you hardy spirits who are 'Adventuring For Another Reason' .

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


“Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human..."
Viktor Frankl
This, my Friends, is what we as adventurers do each and every step on our journeys...

Friday, June 08, 2018


Having mused these many years here, there are times when I've included phrases a number of occasions over. One in particular many of you have commented about echoes with the words, and the metaphors reflecting: "Further, farther, onward, upward, and inward as well".
I describe such phrases as echoes, as they are not really mine, but potent words, within powerful memories from out on Outward Bound courses. Every time, each moment, one of our Leaders shared such an encouragement, it resonated and resounded greatly with all of us. They often only used a few simple words, then began inviting and allowing for us to find our own meanings for them amidst our experiences out there.
"A little longer", they would say, "A bit further", they said, and then too, "A touch farther", "Onwards", and "Upwards".
Then so quietly, "Inwards" too, they would gently invite us to gaze.
The passing forward of such echoes, are gifts given many, many, times over..... DSD 

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

“Subtle Choices...”

There are always subtle choices to be made when adventuring out there... In the ways and means we each choose for our own paths. Especially knowing all the while we will need to forsake soreness. 
We press past our perceived physical limitations so many times.
When mountaineering, hiking, and paddling, we deny the discomforts and refuse to give in to whatever pain is often present. 
Being tired and sore is a price of admission we have each committed to pay, as we break away from whatever soreness used to mean to us. When preparing and training, we already know that it not just about pain & gain, but respectfully, purposefully, guiding ourselves past those prior points of reference.
As many have mused before, and as I have always held closely to, we would rather be worn out than not have gone, and soreness simply tells us we are chipping away at the rust of it all...
While forsaking such soreness, we do not withdraw our enthusiasm, nor renounce our intentions - we simply refuse to allow such fatigue and physical discomfort to make us abandon our chosen adventure objectives. We will not desert our goals for wandering out there.
We have broken away from more commonly held notions, because we know in our hearts that the toll & price of the pain of regret is much higher than the costs of our efforts. For if we relinquish what is truly important to us, if we give up on what is distinctly meaningful for each of us - then we have forsaken so much more than soreness..... DSD 
Dedicated to all those who keep going, putting one foot in front of the other...

Monday, June 04, 2018


Countless dreams, endless visions, like eternally polished stones,
As we so journey, very far away, we then discover home...
Hand worn wooden staff and paddle,
Ancient trails of rock and water,
Along paths of such immense beauty, enduring memories then to share...
Elusive summits, among open valleys,
Overlooking deep canyons, at first so very hidden,
Islands of wonder, wild rivers and oceans,
Seeking the whole mystery, becoming even quieter still...
We are able to discover, so much eternal wonder,
While musing and pondering, lingering and wandering,
Seeing with new eyes, within our many adventurous ways...
Finding such connections, along our shared paths,
As we so long journey,
We will surely then discover home..... DSD 

Dedicated this season to all you Fellow Wanderers, who are out still 'Adventuring For Another Reason'. 

Sunday, June 03, 2018

“O Muse...”

“Make this tale live for us in all its many bearings, O Muse...".  Homer's Odyssey

Friday, June 01, 2018

“Mountains Within Our Dreams...”

We all have blue mountains within our dreams, and distant endearing islands too,
Hidden wild places we very much hope to see, with so many possibilities awaiting there...
We all have blue high mountains within our dreams, and hidden islands too,
Elusive experiences we simply call adventures, our personal journeys of effort, mind, and spirit...
We all have blue stormy mountains within our dreams, and misty islands too,
Such ephemeral memories that are yet to be, true paths and trails we are each destined to share...
We all have countless blue mountains within our dreams, and endless islands too,
Always echoing from our ancient selves, while we forever seek such horizons to this very day... DSD 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

”Contemplative Motion...”

To Kinhin - To go forward.
An Eastern concept, reflecting being on a course of philosophy and meditation.
To be within our Kinhin is to be immersed in a meditative meditation while moving; often as a walking meditative state. Other motion can be embraced though as well.
The Kinhin process is linked to our breathing, part of each step, yet found between our steps too.
The Kinhin experience is an awareness of body, joined in movement. The gentle focus upon position of our head, shoulders, hands, the transfer of weight, our balance & center, all step by measured step.
This is contemplative motion.
A single step, then another, each step, by step, within a further step.
Our mind, core, legs, feet, and then the earth, all joined, blending, while looking down, yet ahead as well. Feeling like yet another kind of ephemeral trail dancing.
Being within Kinhin requires only a gentle focus of sorts at first. But the goaless goal is simply to do it, be it, without over thinking, thus creating the eventual meditative movement within each moment.
If our mind wanders, or the vistas attract us, or a conversation engages us, then we eventually just return to the meditations, the movement, the motion..
We adventurers are usually quite mindful about all the kinds of terrain within our perceptions out there, as it is important often for safety, and also fun to do so.
Yet the Kinhin quieting is another level to our awareness out within the wild places. As we hike, drift in our kayak, in the midst of our climbing, all blending elemental rhythms of self, earth, air, waters, and the energy all about and within us... DSD