Friday, July 29, 2011

"Artists Of Being Alive..."

"The most invisible creators I know of are those artists whose medium is life itself. The ones who express the inexpressible... Their medium is their being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life. They are artists of being alive..." J. Stone

As this season unfolds and as I read over this favorite quote yet once more today, I began reflecting on each and every one of the links to the right here under 'Giving Back & Passing Forward'. These adventurers, these special people, who are 'Adventuring For Another Reason', are truly such artists of life... They are showing us all how to 'express the inexpressible' - those feelings, those emotions, those knowings, truths, and creative connections we wanderers have all experienced out there. These special adventurers have indeed made their 'being' now their 'medium' as well... Their unique efforts to give back & pass forward very much demonstrate how their presence ' touches and increases' life... What an honour it is to have connected with such adventurers, such artists of effort and life, such creators of intention, motivation, and commitment... Please support one of your choosing as best you can..... DSD

My appreciation for G. Epperson's image, which is the top one above, and is a special metaphor in motion.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"When A River Whispers Your Name..."

"Rivers are magnets for the imagination... For conscious pondering and subconscious dreams, thrills, and fears... People stare into the moving water, captivated, as they are when gazing into a fire. What is it that draws and holds us? The rivers reflections of our lives and experiences are endless...". E. Fite

We have rafted, kayaked, riverboarded, and enjoyed endless hours of musing beside these same fast moving waters. They change with every season, with the storms in particular, but always do they feel so very familiar. Yet the river here has never been what it once was on another day before. Yes it has stayed true to its' elemental nature, and while being similar, even feeling like another home, it is constantly changing, forever unique... There have been so many long moments of pondering and wandering along its edges. Each and every time we find something new and discover depths not known before... There are certain rocks we know so well, select rapids that always remain, even as the seasons and the water levels change. This river has secret places to eddy out upon, and rest at that are especially comforting. When I listen very closely in those very silent moments, both from above and below these so cold waters, there comes whispers of welcome, whispers so soft as to be felt more inside than otherwise... When a river whispers to you, even possibly whispers your own name in this way, we forever become a part of it, and can never again really be apart from it - a bonding has been created in such moments, and with an element like this, which is an experience like no other. Our river is calling once again. Time to return home there again..... DSD

P. Huchton is one of those River Folk who created the lower image above, while C. Forelli is another River Spirit who created the upper image. Both I am very appreciative of.

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Ageless Spirits....."

Here, now, by the late day firelight, I sit and ponder how far we have gone these last many days... To high and wild places I was not sure my worn frame would take me... But these old knees and the spirit behind them just kept going and kept taking just the next step. Beyond the breathing, past the mantra's, farther than my musings, then came these words: "An ageless spirit, not bound by time, nor by seasons, or even years... Only moments, of such beauty, while our ageless spirit, embraces all... We stand so still, as our breath returns, then our ancient spirit, adventures on...". Dedicated to all those wanderers who simply keep going, further, farther, onward, higher, and inward... DSD

My gratitude to those wonderful wanderers S. Alvarez for the top image above, and to N. Norman for the lower image.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Kindle, Crackle, Sparkle..."

A little kindle in the beginning, just some initial enthusiasm at first, only a bit, but essential for the whole journey, as here we go, kindling our way... Then comes the energetic crackle, as the momentum takes us further, farther along our adventurous ways. Now the fires of intention, commitment, and motivation are burning more brightly, consistently so strongly, then there we are, within the firelight and its' crackle... Sparkle is the inevitable result, the gleam to be found in our eyes, the smiles there too upon our happily tired faces. We sparkle with bright memories, and powerful connections now as well, never to lose that ground, gained through these wonderful journeys... Kindle, crackle, and sparkle... From musings by this warm fire, looking up at stars, and deep into those flames, then across at close friends, with such warmth in my heart... DSD

My appreciation to you, and you know who you are, for the warm images above.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"A Mystery I Could Not Solve..."

This so elusive mountain, in this part of a distant range, with its' summit so concealed, an apex very unknown... The route was unusual, not just puzzling, but unassumingly challenging... A mountains stone character - the unique setting each has around, within, and upon it, has always so intrigued me. This one had a nexus of few discernables, no trails to it, no trace of routes upon it, no obvious way around or up. Many inexpressible challenges that quietly asked so much of me... It remains a mountain of such hidden rocky interpretations, and even more secrets to try and decipher. These are many of the answers we seek to figure out up there, and are a part of the mountains' prestige we all enjoy discovering. But not this time for me... No, not this mountain. Its' mystery I could not solve, and I loved it all the more for this..... DSD

My sincere gratitude to G. Wiltsie for the two images above. The upper of the elder climber and the lower of the young one pondering it all.

Friday, July 08, 2011

"Secret Places... Quiet Thoughts..."

One of many, not many know. Secret Places, unknown wonders, so many splendors... Slow waves, such white sands, polished talking stones... Elements among elements, beauty within moments... A secret place, an island place, going back, coming home..... DSD

My thanks to some wonderful water folk, R. Bush for the lower image above, and D. Wall for the top image.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

"The Time When We Throw Two Shadows..."

There are very special high points of land, and as many such secret locations near the sea - where on certain days, during specific dates and seasons, that if we stand in a knowing way, we will throw two very different shadows... A few I know who wander out there, seek out these enlightening moments for the mystery, the fun, and the metaphors of meaning they inherently hold out for us... The visual image before us in those brief moments as we watch our shared shadow grow, and begin to move, is so wonderfully amazing. Just as intriguing are the meanings that wanderers give to this momentary elementally visual art... When sharing around campfires about these dual shadow experiences, I have listened closely while others have mused over and then discovered their own special meanings for this. These many representations have reflected personally poetic images of things something like: being in two places at once; of things from out there to those back here; from the many wild things who could be our totem shadows; in being both novice and experienced while wandering; in aspects of day & night or sun & moon; much as well about the yin & yang of confidence & doubt; and within things too of being young & old whether of age or spirit... So many parts of our inner and outer selves, all to be discovered, visualized, and found Dear Finders in those very special wild places and moments when we throw two long elemental shadows..... DSD

Friday, July 01, 2011

"Boundless Treaures..."

"Let your mind be quiet, realizing the beauty of the world, and the immense, the boundless treasures that it holds in store. All that you have within you, all that your heart desires, all that your nature so specially fits for you - that waits embedded in the great whole... It will surely come to you... ". E. Carpenter

'Patience' our Outward Bound Instructor said, 'Patience and quiet', is all that we would need out there, for the gifts to appear... And they did..... DSD

My gratitude to those Canoe Adventurers M. Pryor for the top image above, and to J. Miglavs for the lower image.