Friday, May 31, 2013

"Onward, Upward, Inward..."

Words within a poem from the trail,
A mantra for certain fulfilling motivation,
All about such enduring momentum,
Yet also reflecting our deep emotion...
'Further' became the invocation,
A chanting over very long distance,
Looking past perceived limitations,
And further it was we went...
'Forward' was the clear saying,
Regardless of the many external challenges,
Or of our internal hurdles too,
For forward it now was...
'Upward' was the powerful inspiration,
Shared in such potent moments,
To go beyond assumed limitations,
Then upward was our direction...
'Inward' is now our shared song,
In midst of these special times to sing,
About our unique adventure paths,
And the real journey we discover out there...
Our quests within wonderful adventures,
Poetic words found upon a trail,
Further, forward, onward, upwards, and inwards,
Now it forever is..... DSD

Dedicated for International Trails Day tomorrow, for Outward Bound who guides so many of us on our first trails, to those who continue on their chosen trails while Adventuring For Another Reason , and to my Partners In Passing Forward smiles all along the way.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Sundial Upon A Mountain Summit..."

Being that is was our third day up so high, and that the elements of weather were now agreeable to our presence, we rested on that summit for very long moments. After the excitement and celebration of just getting up this pinnacle, and then the important steps for getting some sustenance and putting on a warmer top, we each settled back to just enjoy some time among the rock ringed by still white clouds.
A few made notes in their journals, others gazed across the sea of summits in all directions. Another built up the small cairn with a few more rocks, and one of our Outward Bound Instructors seemed to be laying out stones in a fashion I did not recognize...
A larger rock was laid flat, with its' smoothest surface facing up. Smaller shards were laid out on top of this, while certain pebbles became some kind of points of reference.
Intrigued we all were, as these Outward Bound Mentors were always doing and saying unique things in their quiet manner. We soon learned to sense that something meaningful was now unfolding...
What was being created in front of us was a simple sundial, yet the conversation that it sparked was profound...
The ponderings among our young musings then shared involved aspects of time. Like the mystery of passing time, that timing is everything, how we were having the time of our lives, and that only time will tell.
This too shall pass, was said, as was that time heals and helps, and perspectives that all we really have is time.
We talked of seasons, aging, our time out there, about time with others, time for ourselves, even that time seems to stand still sometimes. and the poignancy of the passage of such time...
I hope those small arranged rocks are there still.
This was so many years ago.
Maybe they will be reminding other wanderers who adventure to that summit, that because of some mysterious reason, someone took the time to create that special sundial up there.
In those moments it could be timely for them to then enjoy pondering the wonder of it all..... DSD

Thank you for these unique reminders and timely images my Friends.

Friday, May 24, 2013

"Not Yet, But Soon....."

The quest not yet begun,
One more journey simply unstarted,
A high & wild place still to be discovered,
Discoveries just waiting to be made...
Every one of our potential adventures,
So many close companions,
The very wild places themselves,
Are always quietly, so very patiently, awaiting,
Those cherished memories yet to be created...
So many adventure moments out there,
And within each one of us as well,
Just not yet encountered,
But soon to be divined..... DSD

Dedicated to those new wonderful Adventurers of the 2013 Ascent For Alzheimer's Team. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

"Personal Constellations..."

Constellations are much more than a grouping of stars...
These subtle outlines within celestial images are full of the most ancient history and mystery too. For ages, such constellations and the stories told of them, were associated with journeys, and especially meaning. It was a wise wanderer and a knowing person, who made the constellations a part of their lives.
We often particularly associate them with navigation. Who has not gazed up at the North Star, and then discovered a new course to set out upon at times when far out in the wild places.
Stars inspire us. They gift us with a special light set against the darkest sky. They are potently full of adventure metaphors. Thus they subtly also encourage us...
When we take this a step even further though, then we create a whole new direction for ourselves. Outward Bound first invited me to do this. For years I have passed forward this engaging gift as well.
Constellations can be very personal. Selecting and giving meaning to a grouping of stars can be exceptionally inspirational. By doing so we each then navigate by such an individual constellation in truly unique ways.
To choose a constellation as a reflection of ourselves is to always be assured of journeys for beauty, enjoyment, and meanings often only told of in tales. The brightest of these stars are the ones that will always hold true for us again and again, season upon season, adventure by adventure...
Stars can represent our motives, our dreams, and desires.
Stars can mirror what we want, within our adventure goals and objectives for out there.
Stars echo too about the person we want to become, and for the close companions who share in our experiences.
When we are challenged by life's adversities, which we each surely will, our personal constellation is always there for us. Gently assisting and forever pointing the way, through the inevitable trials of life's terrain and then beyond. When we are in the midst of those times when we feel lost, we know they are there. Waiting to shine out and quietly give direction and support. There is something very comforting about having such constellations in our lives...
Creating our own personal constellation is to live among awe, like the inspired ancient mariners.
So when the sun next begins those travels towards its resting place this very evening Dear Friends, turn and look at the far distant horizon, and begin to gaze up in the approaching night sky, upon your very own personal constellation..... DSD

My appreciation for sharing your wonderful images my friends.

Friday, May 17, 2013


"A word or an image is symbolic when it implies something more than its obvious and immediate meaning. It has a wider 'unconscious' aspect that is never precisely defined or fully explained. Nor can one hope to define or explain it. As the mind explores the symbol, it is led to ideas that lie beyond the grasp of reason...".  Carl Jung

An amazing noun.
An enduring verb.
A wonderous metaphor indeed..... DSD

Sunday, May 05, 2013

"Go Anyway....."

Endless days of rain that time out, but interestingly on the far side of this, such smiles and laughter was to be found.
Many nights of cold, still - another discovery for such warmth of companionship and accomplishment.
Then came that lasting echo...
Rain, cold, whatever.
Go anyway...
Those storms we face may seem to stall our efforts. Yet they can also though, become part of our strengths and energy.
Thunder and lightning will happen too. As will the moments for embracing rainbows that occur after, just as often out there.
Those strong winds are usually first felt as barriers. But can also later many times blend in with our momentum and motivations.
We've done what we must.
We've prepared all we can.
We've trained hard for long months.
We plan and take many options for any gear we might need.
So, regardless now of whatever may placed in our path, let's go anyway...
For hidden out among the wild places, as a gift for those who persist in venturing far in these ways, are profound experiences, eternal memories, and unforgettable forever moments.
If we choose to endure, to stay the course, and go anyway..... DSD

My appreciation for sharing your enduring images with us Dear Friends.

Friday, May 03, 2013


Subtle sounds within what we all sense.
Sense within many of nature's tones.
Tones within movement and long meditations.
Such meditations among our wonderous mountains.
Mountains of contemplation, connection, and spirit.
All within just the next step..... DSD

Dedicated this season to all those amazing adventurers who are out there 'Adventuring For Another Reason...'.