Sunday, April 29, 2012

"It Begins....."

Once again, here and now, in these most precious moments, it all begins... We truly sense this as we feel the first shift of our packs, as they settle upon our backs, when it begins... Then just before that first step, as we are getting underway, we sense that genesis of such emerging energy as well. In those initial minutes, those moments of excitement & anticipation where it is all made real, where our adventure is now very much coming into being - it begins... As our paddles reach for and touch the water, or when our hands first grasp that hiking staff, just as we feel the rock under our fingers and toes, here begins what did not exist before. In those emerging unknowns, we are shown what will be renewed and then afreshed, coming into bloom like a large new moon, with that original vibrancy and excitement we have all felt before. When we set out so, with each lovely new sunrise, we look forward to endless possibilities as we commence with our beginnings. Thus each moment among the wild places is born anew, and will wonderfully then transform each of us as well...
When it all begins we further embrace our origins - that essence, the source, for why we are there, for why we started out, and ultimately for why we will also then keep on going. Then later, during what may seem to be an end to this journey, now instead we see the prelude for what is more truly very likely just the beginning of another amazing adventure. There is nothing more primal than new beginnings.
So it once again begins..... DSD
My gratitude to you Friends for sharing your images here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

"A Connecting Link..."

"It was also a connecting link... with the long story of man's urge to match himself against the canyon, to learn something of himself through learning its ways...". D. Lavender
Another means for finding things among the paths out there... DSD

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"A Whisper Of Wild Places..."

There are certain wild places whispered about among those of us who wander... Most would never likely find their locations written down, or hardly ever hear their name said aloud, these hintings are so very ephemeral, so very special for us...
A whisper of something where the elements blend with one another, to make them more than just a place, more than a simple point upon a map. We speak quietly about this terrain, where we each connect with such mystery. They are wild abodes we are attached to through ropes of the heart, and silk strands of the spirit...
A whisper of a place we know when we find that laughter is the currency there, where accounts are made up of fun and enjoyment. A place whispered about in private conversations, so we do not lose the energy of them, like how we shield the flame of a candle in a winter snowshoe trip, or our last match just now struck in the wind.
Places whispered so about are where we belay one another in as many ways of spirit as physical. We whisper too because we do not want to scare away the shy adversities which wait for us up on the rock and out among the waves. These places are whispered over so as we are making room for much more than space and time...
Their whispered names are remembered quietly because they reflect experiences where tears of effort become gems of confidence. These are soft voices of trials, of tests, and challenges only audible for our own ears, and where the origins of our efforts are found among that old ancient internal growth...
In the whisper of a wild place we hear and feel and know close at hand, those talking breezes that want us to sense their low murmerings, and the strong winds that will eventually become unforgettable reflections of themselves. We hear whispers of old friends, adventuresome companions, and new fellows yet met, all gently conversing with each other as well. We experience those rustlings and shared whispers by our campfires, within our dark tents, over hot morning brews, and then again after long days out among these - our wild meeting galleries...
We whisper of such places because at times it is hard to believe they are real, so full of beauty and wonder they are. We whisper because we don't want the time to pass quickly, and it is as if slowing our words, helps us halt the flow of the hours. They are the places for whispers too where those now gone, tell us of the ways and the secrets yet to come, because we miss their voices so much, such places let us still hear them again and again...
We speak quietly in these ways for we have experienced how we are invited to belong out there, and for how we are made to feel at home, even with all of our longings. Such whispered dreams then become voices of the real world and we hear what we could not before, like when being down in a valley and yet our voices can be heard by others still upon a summit, no matter how lowly we speak...
We can whisper forever in wonder if we choose - of canyons & islands, of elusive summits, towers & cliffs, across oceans and lakes, over rivers & rapids. We may do so through time as well if we listen closely enough. If we endure with our soft whispers, the wilds will make room for each of us. Then we begin on the path to truly discovering these places intimately, as they will eventually then know each us in turn too. We just need to remember how we got there, we only need to identify ourselves as seekers, as wanderers when we enter...
When we next meet each other out on the trail my Friends, let us stand close, and subtly share our secrets with each other, of that which we whisper, out in the wild places..... DSD
Dedicated these moments to our shared Earth Day and those who 'Adventure For Another Reason' this season...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"One Thing To Remember..."

"One thing to remember is to talk to the animals. If you do, they will talk back to you...". Chief Dan George
Such conversation of spirit, creating unforgettable memories, on a shared path towards tomorrow - our Earth Day... DSD

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Their Presence..."

"Those who have packed far up into grizzly country know that the presence of even one grizzly on the land elevates the mountains, deepens the canyons, chills the winds, brightens the stars, darkens the forests, and quickens the pulse of all who enter there..." J. Murray
Those who wander far, have had their hearts touched so... DSD
My appreciation to Kathy & Craig of the HikingCamping Blog for reminding me of this favorite quote.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Time Will Pass Anyway....."

One of those distinct truths, we adventurers come to know so well, within our awareness of time, and especially of moments out there...
The real truth of it is, very much written in stone it would seem, that the time will pass anyway, regardless of how we plan or wander...
A truth we learn to hopefully embrace, not in any way of sadness or loss, for this potent awareness is so valuable, when understanding the depths of moments we each are gifted...
Time will indeed most certainly pass, no matter if we are aware, or do not choose to participate, as it is our time, and our own choice, to blend with this as we will...
When looking ahead over decisions and directions, then when gazing back upon memories and wonders, all the while accepting the elemental adventurous nature - of time..... DSD

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Never Stop....."

"Be like the explorers of old... Never stop learning, never stop exploring, never stop going on adventures." D. Ming-Dao
So never shall we..... DSD

Sunday, April 08, 2012

"Your Mountains... Your Life..."

"The wilderness holds answers to more questions than we yet know how to ask". N. Newhall
"In the Mountains... There are times when a person's spirit sets forth upon rambles of its own accord". J. Muir
From the many engaging exercises encountered on my Outward Bound courses, the following resonates greatly, as one of the most meaningful. From my memory of it, and as I have practiced it many times over the years, I believe I will do it justice here. The key to this exercise is to fully project oneself, our very being, ahead in time and place, so that your whole life's journey would then be laid out before you...
So, imagine yourself, on a calm day, with gentle winds, the warmth of the sun, being up on the highest summit around. This particular mountain, your finally attained elusive solo summit, is a welcoming place, where you feel full of enthusiasm, with energy to spare.
From up here, you are able to then look back over the whole journey of your life. This summit provides an overview of it all. You can envision all of your past experiences, picture everything that has happened, see all the details of where you have been, also understanding from up there why you went in each and every direction you did. This grand view before you reflects every valley and mountain you've encountered, every objective met, each challenge and adversity overcome, even where you rested as well. As you continue to gaze out beyond and look back, you can literally watch yourself going through your life's journey, overlooking the choices you made, every trail, path, climb, junction - and all of your attitudes, reactions, and perceptions as well. What a grand view your mountain gives!
Now, as you are enjoying this amazing vista, up upon your chosen summit, your find yourself pondering so many grateful memories, and musing over the wonderful adventure your life has been. From up here, the distances provide perspectives, like having a surreal but very detailed map laid out before you, where you can see so much more than before. All of your experiences, every bit of your life's terrain, highpoints and valleys, contours and elements, are all there. You begin to muse even more deeply and then quietly, gently, ask yourself: What did I do that was meaningful, that gave me purpose... What were the moments that made me laugh and smile... Where did my energy come from, who were the connections I found, what became special for me... If I decided to go back over this terrain again you ask, what would I do once more, what matters now and what doesn't... As a result of these adventures what is clear to me now, and what lessons do I take from all of this...
From up so high, being able to clearly see every one of your wanderings, also why and how you navigated the way you did, you begin to feel even more at peace. Because as T. Elliot wrote: "We shall not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know it for the first time".
Now your musings shift a bit, towards wonderings about where you want to go from here, what do you want to experience now, about what would be significant and need fulfilling from this point on... You begin to wonder, what is in that misty valley just over the horizon. You feel the enticements and excitement about those unknowns, anticipation about what is surely waiting patiently for you out there.
You now have a very distinct understanding of your life, having answered such questions about why we do what we do in our adventurous lives. There is also a very true sensing and knowing that there is more within than we ever first realize as you now carry on with your life, further, farther, higher, onward, and inward as well...
It is your mountain, your life to live..... DSD

Friday, April 06, 2012

"A Mountain, Like Life..."

"We are all climbers, if you think about it...". "A mountain, like life, discloses something of the being a climber is at his or her core". P. Ament
We are all adventurers, if we think about it..... DSD

Sunday, April 01, 2012


"If you are willing, and if you listen very gently and carefully, you will sense that this mysterious wisdom is ready to lead you, guide you to where you need to be. It is your wilderness calling." G. May

One of my very favorite spring quotes, composed by a cherished Author... 'Your wilderness calling' - what an ephemeral, thoughtful musing. There is most certainly a hidden mystery, a secrecy beyond simple perception out there within initially concealed exciting unknowns that beckon us on. Then we begin to ask ourselves: What revelations will we each discover; what possibilities will we each uncover; what wonders will be revealed... Our wise wilderness has always been calling, a mien, a trail, towards ourselves... But when called will we listen, when gestured for will we see, when motioned to will we feel... Will we allow ourselves to sense those many elusive wonderments, among such hints of enigmatic elements, all waiting so patiently, to assemble as we return to our natures... Then eventually, so intuitively, we will develop such insight and knowings, as we wander among our chosen wild places, from the wisdom shared with us on our adventures. Having returned, we will finally begin to devine this magic, through understanding that it is we who are now calling out in gratitude as well..... DSD

My gratitude also, for the inspiration for this musing, from 'B', and for the inspiring images from my Friends.