Sunday, April 28, 2013

"There Is Something Very Cleansing About Sweat..."

An intriguing old Outward Bound saying, this musing, about there being just 'something very cleansing about sweat'...
A high level of effort, focus, and concentration are almost always required when we adventure so. This process though, is not just about attaining goals out there, yet also more mysteriously about the transmutation of energy too.
When we are working it out high on a mountain, or far away upon an open ocean, we are more than simply moving. We are tempering our very selves, and essentially distilling our dreams as well.
In those deep dry desert canyons, we discover ways and means for purifying while canyoneering. For letting go, and moving past, any other kind of fevered distractions.
On a fifty degree slope, then getting ourselves through the crux of a climb, we are curing ourselves. pushing our bodies, mind, and spirit beyond what we had ever before thought possible.
After endless days out on our longest hike, we labour, toil, and then revel in the moisture emitting from our honed bodies and brow.
Anyone who has peeled off their neoprene after hours out riding extreme winds and waves, knows exactly what I mean too.
What amazing paradox's these adventure experiences at first seem...
One of the byproducts of our adventure rituals is sweat.
And there is something very cleansing, even extremely healing, about this product of perseverance.
We move so and remove unneeded issues. We push so and eliminate that which is not necessary. Then we discover freedom among all these elements of effort...
Such cleansing endurance is a potent passage, a means of discovering so much more within than we ever first realized.
We may not be as clean by any means as in the beginnings of our journeys, but that simply doesn't matter. We've distilled ourselves down to the important things - the truly necessary basics, of vision and dreams, fulfilled by muscle, bone, and tendon.
We have also exercised our intentions which induces real meaning, resulting in motivation and musings of significance.
There is just something pure, very cleansing, even gently healing, within such reflections upon our earned adventurous sweat..... DSD

My sincere appreciation for the inspiring images above from Paradox Sports which share more than my musings ever could.

Friday, April 26, 2013


"Everything in the world has a hidden meaning... Men, animals, trees, stars, are all a kind of hieroglyph. When you see them you may not understand them. You think they are really men, animals, trees, stars. It is only years later that you truly understand...". N. Kazantzakis

That we begin to understand at all is amazing and so wonderful... DSD
My appreciation to David Terrell for the above inspiring image called "Song Of Running White Wolf".

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Still And Quiet As A Stone..."

So still...
So very still I am.
Many tracks around right here.
And over there as well.
Listening to running water, there is a creek among these trees.
So still...
So very still I breathe.
To see that wild grey beauty.
A glimpse of such furred wonder.
So still...
So very still she is.
Approaching the cold waters.
Slowly, so slowly, so naturally cautiously.
I think I am not seen.
So quietly sitting here.
No movement at all, now holding my breath.
Then she slowly turns and looks.
Purposefully right towards me.
So still these movements become.
Watching each other...
I am pondering in awe and timelessness.
We seem to know one another.
To understand our calm intentions.
Such grace and beauty.
Such wild wonder...
I feel time now stand still.
In all of what we then share.
Now I remember to breathe once more.
As so gently and quietly she moves away.
Then looks back upon me.
With those brightly colored eyes.
So still, so still I am.
So forever grateful..... DSD

Dedicated to our shared Earth Day this unfolding season...

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Of Kin....."

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin...".  William Shakespeare
"What do you see when you look at an animal? A kindred spirit, a creature much like you...". J. Kazez

There are very few of us adventurers who have not had desires and dreams about, and then actual experiences in sharing the wild places with, our family of wild ones out there. Our experiences become so very special when this happens, when we see them, especially when we share a moment among them, and so we hope though while elusive that this will happen again and again for us... Most of us cherish these moments almost as none other, they are so unique, so touching... DSD

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Just When..."

Just when we don't think we can, we find our means to further go.
Just about that time when our breath seems gone, we then experience that which truly takes it away.
Around that time when the adversities appear overwhelming, we uncover moments of encouragement to keep on.
In those minutes when the storm almost overtakes us, we now turn into it and discover new strengths before unknown.
Many times when our adventure objectives feel to be beyond us, we then learn it is we ourselves who are the elusive ones.
Then we begin to understand that there is always, always, more within us then we ever before first realized...
So, just when we might have given up, we sense what depths we really, truly, have deep inside.
Then, just when the trials seem to have drained away our commitment, we learn to appreciate what real endurance is all about.
Also, among those endless winds and waves, just when we think we can't, we start to uncover the ways we can.
And, just when we need it most, our partners always show us what real support and companionship truly is.
Then, once again too, just when we think we've experienced all we can out there, our wild place adventures gently remind us yet again, of awe and wonder, and we begin anew..... DSD

Dedicated this unfolding spring, too all those who keep going, as they 'Adventure For Another Reason'.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

"When I Gathered It Up..."

From the very moment I saw it, in those minutes right when I gathered it up, that stone had a wonderful story to tell...
It is truly a beautiful rock, one whose form gives you a sense of its' ancient history. No way would it have been right there in that wild place; no way would it have been as shaped and as polished so finely - unless its motions over the millenia, among all those boulders, from within a nearby glacier, had taken it on its' own timeless journey.
From the very moment I turned it over and over in my hand, I was beginning to envision what this stone's essence would express. You could sense from its' shape, from the lines upon and within it, from the small chips, even the tinier cracks, and especially from the smoothness over most of its' surface- what its' temperament, strength, and vigour was sharing.
Here, in my hand, was truly a spirit stone...
One whose character had endured all the elements had placed upon it.
A stone's spirit is an essential thing, one I try to look so closely for and understand. Some have travelled so very far. Many have such unique virtue in the way they have survived the forces over so long that have attempted to break them. We adventurer's can identify dearly with these meanings.
Right from the moment I gathered it up I felt I knew what this stone wanted to reveal. I sensed I knew where it wanted to be later placed. So right from where I found it as well, I gathered up small particles of every other element, to be 'mixed in' within the bright paints to be layered upon it...
Now, in your hand, you may have this very stone.
When I gathered it up I hoped you would find it. I hope too you sense the essence there, those wonderful intrinsic components that made it, the virtue reflecting where it has been, the meanings of the elements in the paints, and the symbolism hopefully it also represents from within your own adventures...
Like Ceremony Stones and Scholar Rocks , your Summit Stone has a spirit all of its' own, always calling to your longings..... DSD

My appreciation for sharing your spirited images here as well my Friends.

Friday, April 05, 2013

"Of Enthusiasms..."

"The world belongs to the enthusiastic...".  R. Emerson
"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm...".  H. Thoreau

Amazing energy, spirit, motivation, and commitment, all drawn from that well of deep enthusiasm..... DSD