Thursday, February 21, 2008

"It's Just A Stone....."

"The gem of meaning is set in the stone of long perseverance." Deng Ming-Dao
Here is a recent Finders story forwarded in an email from 'N'... A story of finding something simple... finding oneself... creating meaning... and in coming back...
'N' wrote:
Two of us found a summit stone on a hike in banff. My friend knew what it was but said I could have it because he wanted the adventure muse. I think I said 'it's just a stone'.
I didn't want to go hiking then. I didn't want to be there. It rained and was cold. I guess I am not much of a hiker is what I was thinking. I didn't care all day if I ever went back.
Since then I was injured while riding my bike and two of my best friends moved away. I miss them. But I think I have found over the last two winters that like this stone I am stronger than I realised. I do love the outdoors. I now understand that spring will always be there. I now understand that rainbows do exist just like on my stone. My newest best friend is a beautiful dog I've called rainbow.
I am looking forward to hiking again this summer. I am so excited about that.
It is just a stone. But not to me anymore.
Sincerely, N
Thank you so very much 'N' for sharing your inspiring story with us...
Just like you, I was... and still am... searching for all my own adventure ways and means to bring meaning into my own life...
I try to remember; "The most beautiful stones, have been tossed by the wind, and washed by the waves, and polished to brilliance, by life's strongest storms." Anon
You have given back to me so much more than the Summit Stone I placed for you...
You humble me with your words and the personal meaning you have created for yourself...


BC said...

Mine is a touchstone.
It is a unique reminder of all the great times we have had and what we love about nature.
We found ours in the High Sierra.

WLS California said...

On a remote climb in yosemite national park we found one of these treasures
I muse all the time
I muse on the summit if I can
I muse by the rivers around here
I muse about life
About nothing
Mostly I just enjoy the musing
Your gift is much appreciated

Dennis from Yosemite said...

I said when I found my summit stone and a muse in the summit register. WOW!
It took me a long time to get up there. I wondered how long this was there and how far it had come.
The view from the summit looks like the painting on the rock. That got another WOW!
You came a long ways to put this there DSD. Thank you very much.

Gordon G. said...

Great work.
Stunning art stones.

Bearsific said...

I hope we can meet maybe even share a hike some day DSD just as you shared this facinating gift with me. Mine is real treasure.

Pat Walker said...

Mine is inspiration and mystery and not only a brightly painted stone. Thanks D very much.