Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Our Modern Hiker..."

Casey Schreiner's great blog is entitled 'Modern Hiker' and has very much lived up to this moniker since 2006. Many of our peers like 'Best Hike', list Modern Hiker as one of the Top 10 Hiking Blogs, and the best source of information for Southern California hiking, with many of the most detailed trip reports available anywhere online. There are great elusive wild places still to be discovered in Southern California, like the San Gabriels', Santa Monicas', and Joshua Tree. Casey gives to us in depth reviews of such areas, graphic photos & videos, GPS tracks, as well as Google Earth instructions. He has detailed discussions on the latest outdoor equipment too.
Modern Hiker also provides great trail map overviews with all the hikes listed by difficulty.
Casey moved to California from New England in 2003 and has been writing about journeys out there since 2005. He has logged many personal miles and is hiking his way near to that elusive 1000 mile waypoint. We have always been drawn to the enthusiastic tone of his blog site. Readers like the regular energetic and informative posts. I particularly enjoy the 'Motivation Section' which touches upon why we do what we do out there...
So head on over, visit, and share some time and a coffee with our Casey at Modern Hiker.

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Rick McCharles said...

Trek on Modern Hiker.

A great site.