Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"A Trail With No End..."

The foundational creed of the upcoming Olympic Games reflects an essential belief that: "The goal is not to win, but to take part". To be immersed like this within the process of our adventures, is also to be on a wonderful journey about more than a destination...
Indeed, we do need a distinct kind of focus upon our adventure objectives as any athlete does.
Our eyes best be open and clearly set upon that elusive summit, and our efforts dedicated and consistent towards that distant shoreline. Yet, such elements of endurance are not only why we are there I believe... It would seem as important not to lose sight of the mountain for only the peak; it feels as significant not to lose touch with the river when churning among the rapids.
To be out there - to simply, profoundly, participate in our own way, is to be in concert with our personal dreams for adventure.
Outcomes, heights, times, distances, and totals, are useful measures yet can also be limited too if they are all we reach for. Maybe, most moments, just to take part in our wild place wanderings, is truly an award already won, a beautiful trail with no end...

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Anonymous said...

Well said, every experience in communion with the wonders of nature is one in the win column: a win for the heart, mind, soul, and spirit.