Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Outward Bound... Out Beyond..."

Each and every spring I set aside some special time, to again read over my Outward Bound journals, and then to gaze over those precious images from years long past... Such reflections have become important moments of meaning and memories that have set direction for myself and so many others. A gift from Outward Bound and 'out beyond', which is a reference I noted in my journal from my first course. It was said by an Instructor who used it often to reflect the wonders of the wild places and the mysteries of the experiences we were about to have out there... I now know that such amazing journeys do not simply happen without much preparation, planning, and the development of unique vision and program perspectives - all of which takes great efforts to put in place.
When recently visiting Outward Bound Canada's website I could see how, yet once more, they are setting course for 'out beyond' on some very exciting new adventures.
They say again: "In sailing lore, Outward Bound refers to a vessel departing the safety and comfort of the harbour to venture into unknown, unpredictable waters. In educational terms it has come to mean resiliently adapting to the unexpected, embracing a path of skill and mastery and leading with compassion". I do so love this metaphor...
They write: "In response to a changing world, we've simplified our delivery model and expanded our focus on partnerships with national organizations that, along with us, are committed to building community assets and community strengths at all levels of society".
Some of these new experiences for out beyond include the Outward Bound Veterans Program, where "Sometimes this is the first time Veterans have had the opportunity to share impressions of their experiences in a completely supportive and like-minded forum with other Veterans surrounded by the beauty of the rich Canadian wilderness landscape. Your home".
Then there is the Women Of Courage Program which, "Brings women together to share a powerful experience of discovery, while immersed in the beauty and serenity of the natural world". The Aboriginal Youth Asset Building adventure is so very unique as well, and is seen as a 'Mountain Spirit Program', combining culture with adventure into ageless, timeless, priceless experiences.
Such wonderfully potent new opportunities for musings and meanings for those who choose to participate. Please have a look and pass this information forward to anyone who may benefit from these journeys.
Outward Bound, out beyond, yet again... Setting out upon unique courses and exciting new directions where so many will be able to create a spirit and life of adventure from wandering among the wonders of the wild places.....

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