Monday, January 31, 2011

"Stone Stairways....."

I have always enjoyed reading by a fire and later yesterday I took an old tome off a shelf which had collected too much dust. Paging through it gently, as such aged books need to be handled carefully, I found a note on a piece of paper I likely used as a bookmark way back when...
After reading the words there, I reviewed the pages where it had been found, then pondered who might have first said it. I do not recall the words as my own, could not find them in the tome, nor had any reference been noted.
The mysterious quotation simply said: "The mountains are stone stairways...".
Just these five words; nothing more.
As I gazed into the fire, many musings crossed my mind of how the mountains are indeed such stairways - ascending ways and paths of rock and ice, scree and snow, of challenges and trials, of directions forwards and upwards, towards profoundly personal experiences and meanings that we each discover all along the way.
Such beautiful stone stairways are our elusive high places that we each seek.....

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Hiking Lady said...

Stone stairways... that is so true! I love reading your musings - everytime I read one I itch to get out and climb another mountain and experience the beauty of our world!