Friday, July 22, 2011

"Ageless Spirits....."

Here, now, by the late day firelight, I sit and ponder how far we have gone these last many days... To high and wild places I was not sure my worn frame would take me... But these old knees and the spirit behind them just kept going and kept taking just the next step. Beyond the breathing, past the mantra's, farther than my musings, then came these words: "An ageless spirit, not bound by time, nor by seasons, or even years... Only moments, of such beauty, while our ageless spirit, embraces all... We stand so still, as our breath returns, then our ancient spirit, adventures on...". Dedicated to all those wanderers who simply keep going, further, farther, onward, higher, and inward... DSD

My gratitude to those wonderful wanderers S. Alvarez for the top image above, and to N. Norman for the lower image.


Barry said...

The images, the breeze or even wind, the call of birds, the aroma of the forest, the sound and sight of falling white water, and the sight of flora and fauna. They transcend the effort to achieve the experience. The anticipation of the view above, or the unknown around the next corner masks the effort to get there. I understand this. It is about being alive and part of something much larger.

SummitStones said...

Well mused Barry. Transcend is indeed a word that captures such experiences and their elusive meanings... Thanks for your comment and happy hiking.

Alexandra said...

Just one step at a time and just one breath at a time, and if each is filled with enthusiasm you will find yourself in your own "high and wild places" that you never imagined you would be at!