Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Confluence Within A Canyon..."

Canyoneering, canyoneering... A word we softly speak, so full of inspiration, anticipation, and excitement. The lowering, exploring, searching, , and peering into those desert depths of ancient rock and even older mysteries too... Such wonderful long days, such true challenges for us within this real yet surreal blending of desert elements. It was a time to unite again with close friends, to allow that joining with the sun and temperatures that was matching our enthusiasm, among a union of movement over, among, and between special stone. Canyoneering seems to very much be about flowing with what is there; in conforming to the nature of those countless twists and turns. Between sunrise and sunset, within the convergence of the elements with our musing and wonder - it was not lost upon us how such adventures as canyoneering out there, often mirrors our experiences as well when back here. Such amazing confluences, from deep within a lost desert canyon.....DSD

My appreciation to Fellow Canyon spirits, B. Hatcher for the top image above, and to B. Model for the lower image.

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