Sunday, May 06, 2012

"Time Lapse Wonders..."

"Time is the wisest Counsellor of all..." Pericles
"Time is the coin of your life...". Sandburg
"Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in...". Thoreau
"Time is the most paradoxical of things... Time, the cradle of hope...". Colton
Time for adventurers, is an ephemeral thing. We seek the timeless flow of it all out there, while knowing we are really the timekeepers ourselves... Each journey is an era, each mountain a thing immemorial, every river and coastline a passage, all canyons a history. So our association with what we call hours, days, and seasons - evolves, or more clearly distills, into moments. Such as those I have shared in upon an elusive westerly summit near here. My high place wanderings there began when I was quite young, unfolded over the years, and now in a time honoured way, I return there each season still. The course of all these experiences, intervals of adventure and for introspection, has invited many perspectives of how we each may ponder time... I'm sure that is why, being more grey of hair and long existence, that I so very much enjoy certain Time Lapse adventure creations shared with all of us over the Internet. Many selected ones reflect so many wild places and journeys, in unique time lapsed passages, where the movement of the moments fill us with awe and inspiration... We do have the time of our lives out adventuring, and then viewing these Time Lapse wonders becomes a reflection too of our Time Lapse selves... A YouTube search by adventure topics, another search on The Adventure Blog by Kraig, or National Geographic Adventure, among other such esteemed sites will gift you with many remarkable experiential examples of these. Call them what we will, refer to time as we may - chronologies of movement, a time warped stillness to ponder, visual retrospectives of how we wander, antiquities or our own elapsed experiences - these are timely wonders of perception for time itself and our adventures. So, for the time being, turn the volume way up, enjoy these Time Lapse wonders my Friends, so they then inspire you to return soon to your own wild place adventures..... DSD


Jeff said...

I'm finding time of day to be another dimension to my outdoor adventures. Recently I've enjoyed getting up with the chickens and getting myself to a place... to wait. To wait for the light. To wait for the warmth. To wait for the excitement the new day puts before me.

Hoping all is well. Wishing you great joy.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jeff,
Another dimension is surely is for us all...