Friday, July 27, 2012

"From Within The Depths Of Tiredness..."

Oh, as we all know, it is indeed one of the prices for admission out there. For being way beyond our usual comfort zones means that we will often be pressed, cold, on edge, and always it seems - especially tired. We intentionally exhaust ourselves on those adventure races, put it all so far out there during very long climbs, and thus fatigue ourselves physically, emotionally, and even in spirit at times. But we also have surely sensed, then learn to know so well, as our many adventure seasons pass, that there is a depth, even a sagacity to be embraced if you will, within those experiences of tiredness...
It's not really about being sleepy, nor even about being weary and having had enough of something, and certainly not about the wild places themselves ever being tiresome. For we choose to gladly pay such prices of admission as we want things to be harder, to be challenging, to be happily tiring, for the real potential fun of it all.
Adventurers are tireless in their seeking and questing within those endless depths. For in those deep places far within we know too that other elements reside. In the supposed darkness of that internal abyss, among the innermost parts of ourselves, rests many mysterious regions of emotion & endurance, beliefs & persistence, awareness & abilities all about keeping going. In the depths of apparent tiredness resides untapped measures of wisdom for ways unyielding, means that we tap into to keep on, and then also to return yet once more on our journey farther, higher, and further within too.
Now these are all paths we will never grow weary of..... DSD 
Dedicated this rest day to all our fellow wanderers who are on their way, part way, half way done, or nearing the end of their journeys of Adventuring For Another Reason.

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