Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Singing Softly....."

I'm not sure when I noticed, but on that solo scramble, at some point amidst this long climb, I found myself softly singing...
There didn't seem to be a lot of words to this tune, only a bit of melody there as well. But isn't it amazing my Friends, when we discover ourselves doing this kind of thing out within the trials of our adventures. We are surely happy within our efforts...
It was indeed a different mountain scramble, with challenging route finding and exposure, and a much longer day than I had expected. Yet the harder it got, the more rhythm I seemed to find within me - just singing & humming softly in those special ways we all know and share in from out there.
I believe this was likely more about contentment and spirit, than any attempt at distraction from the efforts. Although that in itself can be a useful technique for keeping going.
I think it was later on the summit, when I began to realize what those sounds, this elusive music and words meant.
I was just so happy to be there, just so appreciative that I still can adventure so after these long years and with those health challenges. Then I started that even more daunting descent, simply, quietly, singing softly to myself..... DSD 
Thank you for your images my Friends.

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