Wednesday, September 05, 2012

"Cherished Reflections..."

"Why is it that memories of campfires are so long-lasting...".  D. Brower
"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled...".  Plutarch
We all have such cherished reflections from campfires don't we my friends. You remember those beautiful flickering flames, while relaxing much later in the day, after attaining your sought after elusive summit.
We recall the engaging conversations, and also those quiet personal musings, while contemplating the depths within those lingering inspiring fires.
I remember those coastal islands, those very long days and forever moments, while slowly kayaking from one island to the next, and then onward.
You surely feel the warmth of both memories, and those glowing coals too, which are still emanating from your last time out around them.
We remember the darkest winter nights, beside a frozen northern lake, with the crisp air and the distinct crackling of that welcoming fire.
Then also in the deep desert, with the stars far above, and the shadows dancing closely, from our small but embracing campfire.
Warmth and wonderment, flames and friendships, coals and connections, reflections and memories... All such very cherished gifts.
A few of our shared memories, sources of energy and inspiration as well, reflecting yet once more as I now set out seeking such warm moments..... DSD 
My appreciation to Barbara for the top image above from her West Coast Trail journey, and to Drew for the second image from one of his challenging climbs, and the inspiring reflections they share with us.


David said...

Nothing beats sitting in front of a camp fire on a cool night. Your eyes get lost in the flames and your mind wanders. You can sit there with a group in complete silence and no one will ask if something is wrong.

SummitStones said...

So very true David. Nothing like those endless special moments...
Even in the midst of such silence as you mused...