Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Each Time Climbed, A Different Note Heard..."

Each adventure day, every single time, that I have climbed this mountain, there has been a unique and different arrangement of the mixture of the elements up there.
The forever changing winds, the shadows, rains, mists, alpenglow, late evening light, evolving sunrises and sunsets, sometimes snow conditions, distinct changes of temperature as well - all unfolding into so many kinds of wild combinations.
Almost notes if you will. Kinds of an assembled music and varied harmonies, all within those wonderful adventure experiences...
This is a front range mountain. One that is in shape very early in the year. Rock that lingers long too as an option even as the usual season sets. It may be ascended mid winter as well if the weather and the winds become agreeable.
Over the years I have come to believe this composition of stone & elements, especially when this all blends in with the melody of our movement up there - transforms the whole experience. Then this becomes a remarkable, artful, mixture for all of our senses and the way we each wish to express ourselves out there...
There is indeed an art and beauty within such personal expressions when climbing. Each moment, every single time up high, has been an opportunity for the making of such adventure music. Every step a note of harmony. Every bit of altitude gained another piece. Joining ourselves eventually, finally, with those ever present melodies upon that distinct summit.
Adventurers are music lovers of another kind.
Our musicianship is the creation of journeys of experience.
The stages we play upon are the wild places themselves.
Then each and every note we then hear elevates us higher, farther, further, and more within as well..... DSD
My appreciation to Kraig at the Adventure Blog for always inspiring us, especially recently with his adventure videos and the music they are set to.

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