Sunday, February 17, 2013

"When Learning To Linger..."

A long ways back, after often finding myself the last one up, I slowly began learning of the wonderful moments to be discovered in also being the last one off, or the last one down, even the last one to launch depending on the kind of adventure day.
Here was the experience, the natural lessons, when learning to linger out there...
Like within those special minutes when we put off the departure of our sea kayaks from finally leaving those secluded distant coastal islands.
Many of us also want to drag out those cherished moments upon an elusive summit, as so much has been given to get us up there.
The protracted time in a desert canyon becomes precious beyond words too, so we stay as long as we can amidst the eternities present there.
It all seems so natural. We can't wait to get out there, and are also then reluctant to come back. Kind of as I find myself moving even more slowly at the end of an adventure day, not only because of my age and an earned tiredness, but much more so as I don't want to leave that wild place just yet...
I want to grasp, and embrace more closely, all the lingering perceptions and emotions that have been gifted to us on our journeys.
For such determined, disciplined, and goal oriented adventurers that we all can be at times - there is such a positive tardiness we can also practice too. We are so wonderfully, naturally, paradoxical at times aren't we my Friends..... DSD
Thank you once more for sharing your timeless images my Friends.
Dedicated this adventure day to all those who are Adventuring For Another Reason this season.


Alexandra said...

Thank you for this post! I believe it is for lingering reasons, why I enjoy adventuring on my own. After all the hard work of reaching a destination, I want to savour the scenery and the moments and sometimes those moments are many, many, many moments. Lots of times I am torn, while all others are ready to leave, usually I'm not, but need to leave with the others. It is those times when I say to myself "I'll be back" and it is so, so I can linger longer! Once again, thank you for all your eye opening and thought provoking musings.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your thoughtful musings as well Alexandra. Such savouring of the moments keeps me wandering & lingering longer each time out as well.