Friday, December 06, 2013

"Already Happy....."

Those last adventure days, I was pondering a gentle awareness...
For how much we all so enjoy the preparation, planning, and training that we do.
Then I was reminded too about the endless fun within our adventures, how much the laughter always echoes out, and the embracing, rousing, excitement of it all.
Of course, there are the motivating inspirations, and the enthusiasms, that drive us to keep going. Even as the inherent challenges appear, which we gladly face into.
Then too, I recalled the invigorating energy that, even while we're tired, seems to grow within us along with our smiles.
I thought as well about the warming company of our friends, which is so valuable in what we share, as we journey long and far.
Recall how our thoughts spark, much like our campfires, about those enduring summit sensations, and how everything is just as it should be for a while up there.
Then we reflect upon those deep feelings, those heartfelt contentment's, that we bring back with us from such amazing experiences. This truly keeps us adventuring again and again.
Always remember, we've also each mused ourselves, over the endless, timeless, lovely memories, and among those forever moments, about which we are all so grateful for.
Then I opened my eyes...
With that dawning awareness of being so already contented within such musings, already so very happy.
For we adventurers know the depths and breadth of gifts from our wild places don't we my Friends.
It was then, time to get up, and go wander..... DSD

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