Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Sunrise, Sunset, And Solitude..."

Skoki in Banff is an area for me that is synonymous with solo adventures and long quiet solitude...
It takes a bit more to get way back in there from near Lake Louise. But with every every hour and day doing so, this journey takes us further and farther.
That adventure day I wanted to watch the sunrise yet again over little cherished Hidden Lake as I have so many times in the past. I also hoped to gaze upon the sunset across the valley over the top of the Louise Group of mountains, that gift such meaning for those of us who wander here.
The scrambling that day of those two summits back in Skoki was like visiting old friends. The solitude of these very long unfolding hours for climbing was just what was needed.
Time away, freedom to simply wander afar, moving among giants, only a gentle wind, the rustle of shifting rock and water, and the endless moments among the elements out there in our shared Skoki.
To begin before sunrise, to end with the sun just set, to be companionable within the solitude.
Such a wonderful, quiet adventure..... DSD 

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