Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Those Were To Be Some Of My Greatest Summits..."

We were journeying over very high mountains on yet another Outward Bound course. But it seemed that many of my greatest challenges were to be some figurative summits too...
Outward Bound Leaders can be quite directive, like when it comes to safety practices. They can also be very gentle, as when it reflects more personal observations and feedback.
This is all inherent to the amazing Outward Bound experience. Where the mountains, ocean, lakes, storms, and all the elements; along with each other, and our Outward Bound Instructors experienced mentorship - then blends in together and guides us so much farther along the way.
I wrote in my journal a lot while out there.
One day, one very long day, out upon a seemingly endless ridgeline, my own challenges got the better of me in certain moments.
It was then later, amidst that day of persistent adversities, when I was resting. Drawing a bit in my journal as well. Likely to both try and more enjoy the moment and vista before me, yet also to take my mind off other things - when both our Outward Bound Leaders approached me.
They commented on my scratchings, then while chatting, they further invited me to make a few notes about perceptions and choices...
It was they who gently pointed out that some of the real summits before me, may not be the rocky peaks way up above.
Rather, they said, at times it seemed like I tended to see things from the way I think they should be, rather than the way they are; or see what's wrong instead of what's right; what is not there versus what actually is; what I don't want or have instead instead of what I actually do.
Very gentle invitations, within quite discussions, resulting in powerful shifts of perception...
So grateful am I for their pointing up towards what were some of my most elusive yet greatest summits.
They were right back then, and now when I navigate similiar terrain, their words forever echo still..... DSD 

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