Sunday, October 12, 2014


That brief, unfolding, play of light at first.
Then, maybe a gentle sparkle of sunbeams as well.
There is an adventure alchemy to be found out there, within all of the glistening wonders of our long journeys...
There is the shine off the leaves, which are fully reaching out in the spring, as we begin to hike our first trails. Then the breezes make them shiver and then gleam in that ephemeral light too.
Wet grass does this as well, as do the spider webs woven in the air across our trails. Being the first one down that path, means seeing the glimmer of refracted light reflected off of those silken strands.
There are the amazing gems of light from the mixing of the desert sun, upon waters unexpectedly discovered deep within those inviting canyons.
The gleamings of our shared rivers, which shine out when rafting or kayaking them at the very moment of a days sunrise.
I especially enjoy the flashes of magical light through the ocean waves, at those times of day where the sea and the setting sun embrace one another.
I also so appreciate quartz rock, and other such stone, found up high upon a mountain ridge, which emits its' own very special glistenings.
As adventurers we all love the forever glittering stars, peppered way above us, around the shine of a full seasonal moon.
Then, when, blended with our efforts, all of these ornamental elements, will always transform into such enlightened bright memories.
Just look across that glacier your next time out, at the reflections in the sunglasses of your companions too, then also the smiles and tears of joy upon that elusive summit - to discover your own forever glistenings as well my Dear Friends..... DSD

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