Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Romantic Realists....."

We adventurers are such romantic realists, when we turn and face that which we each have chosen, as we make our own way out among the wildest of places...
To be an adventurer is at heart, to clearly be a romantic, and yet it seems very much a realist too. We take our dream like visions and make them come true. We move past everyday life back here, and journey into the extremes and emotions out there; and then return with spirits, hearts, and perceptions renewed.
That which really matters become the elements we seek to embrace; what is within the true nature of an experience becomes that which we seek to engage.
As adventurers, we deal with things as they are, while following enthusiasms towards things that are yet to be...
We are so imaginatively practical in the pursuit of our wild passions. So often playfully serious about our fun and our freedoms. We blend risk with romanticism, and distinct objectives with subtle fulfillment's.
Such romantic realists are we, such pioneers and wanderers, poets and bards, explorers and philosophers.
We everyday adventurers..... DSD 

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