Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Countless, Timeless, Forever..."

On top of this summit we touch a hundred million years.
Imagine what these rocks have seen; envision our brief history in relation to them; perspectives upon perspectives.
There, as we drift by those rocks of our Northern Shield lakes. we can know thousands upon thousands of seasons. So many passages of peoples, of animals.
So beautifully carved by tons of ice and countless storms of snow. 
Deep in this canyon we also embrace the millenia, the timeless, the endless... 
We raft through ages upon ages, eons upon eons, among layer upon layer of time. Time though, is an unknown concept to such a canyon. 
Yet it still shares with us, allows us to touch almost countless years.
What a gift in being able to enjoy the memories of such earth and rock and timelessness, in touching a hundred million years and more...  DSD   

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