Monday, April 17, 2017

"So Very Hard..."

While being used to challenges, as we adventurers inherently learn to be, this particular climb, that single day, had turned out to be so hard.
So very hard.
The approach had been laborious; no easy path at all to follow even just to begin. 
The route finding then was perplexing, most troublesome, unyielding in what is usually given to us if only we keep at it long enough.
We thought we had trained well, yet some of the physical trials were unexpected; this mountain was much tougher than what we had thought - the angles, that kind of rock, the sustained straining hindered us almost at every move we were to try.
The sky was sullen also, our mood as dark at times too and it was so difficult to keep lightened up with much humor at all. 
The conditions themselves only worsened the harder we attempted to overcome one obstacle after another, after another.
It was harder too then to bear the realization that there would be no time at that summit to enjoy, nothing to celebrate at that moment except a more severe descent, an even more unclear route back.
We were so tired, so bruised, had so much adversity that day.
It was so hard.
Yet it was one of our very best days out...  DSD  

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