Wednesday, July 25, 2018

“Such Tides...”

While even so called, I was to learn that such tides occur not just in the spring, but rather when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are in concordance. They are the strongest of tides; the tides of extremes for highs and lows, when the pull, the drawing, of both sun and moon work synergisticly together. 
The moon was indeed very full as I looked out over those island waters. I had not seen them in some time.
The tide tables also shared what could now be viewed out among these quiet points of rock that were growing higher and larger as the minutes passed. 
The waters were withdrawing, were retreating, were letting go of their grasp upon the land. 
And as with all true mystery, now things were being shared that were not known before. 
I was up at that very early hour for just this experience. 
To listen in the night, to converse with the moon, to watch the waters ebb beyond, to walk upon a shoreline that hardly ever breathes the air, and hopefully to find those treasures that are only shared in those brief, ephemeral, moments such as this.
They were indeed there.
The pure soft sands, the countless shells & sand dollars, endless polished cobblestones, and tidal life so vibrant and full of energy. 
I wandered and strolled and walked and mused and stooped and sat for endless moments, until the waters voice became more insistent to return. 
Then the first full glow of a distant horizon began to more show itself.
Such a special spring tide.
Another of those gentle, hidden, beautiful gifts from out there..... DSD 

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