Thursday, August 16, 2018

“The Winged One’s...”

I have always believed that we have yet to truly understand the unique, powerful, and mysterious relationship we have to those who fly overhead.
Stephen Lyman wrote:"To the Winged Ones who see the larger picture from above".
Those of our winged family who have such a view of the world have much they can teach us.
I remember Coastal kayaking among eagles young and old passing so closely by.
A ridge route scramble, where quietly above us, maybe not noticed by all, was a great flight of wonders.
Being solo on Banff's 3rd highest summit; higher than any mountain is sight, where my friend for the day was a single companionable bird.
I remember Rafting the Grand; both in the midst of serious rapids and those quiet moments of floating and contemplation, when diving among us were winged creatures of to many varieties to count.
There was a Columbia Icefields summit; where that magnificent creature of the air led the way.
And there, flying overhead, on another past adventure, we were once more sharing blue sky and even a more blue ocean with another of our wild place family out there.
And yet again, during a season for climbing, after just a glimpse of a passing shadow, I waited to look up because I knew what I was wondering and hoping for and was not disappointed.
There they were; not so far above, following our route - the mist in my eyes that moment from more than the cold.
A beautiful feather fell from the sky at some point that day and had landed near the summit cairn.
While I didn't get a picture, it then rested with the register along with some small painted cobblestones.
I truly do believe we share a close relationship with the 'Winged Ones' that we do not fully understand yet.
Scientists can't seem to agree on if we evolved some how from them; or maybe they have evolved further from us.
It does seem though, that if we could soar high above, especially during troubling times, and view the world from such a perspective, much would be seen differently by us on this great rock we all share.....

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