Thursday, September 06, 2018

“Hello Dear Friends...”

Hello Dear Friends. 
Over twenty five years and so many seasons have unfolded now with this little Summit Stone endeavour.
I am grateful for every moment along the way.
Since becoming ill some years ago, my adventure activities are few now, yet my enthusiasm remains. 
I am so appreciative of fellow wanderers who have become ‘Partners In Placing’ these Summit Stones as well.
My intention is to keep going as far as this trail takes me. 
Thank you for sharing in all of this all and I hope we remain companions for many more adventure seasons.
Might I ask at this point for a bit of your time.
These last months in particular have invited me to see even more deeply into how many others who are dealing with chronic illnesses are still climbing their own mountains.
These folks are Adventurers and also Survivors.
So I started a Facebook Page in support of them called “The Survivors Club “. 
Would you mind taking a few moments to have a look, and then like & share this new Page if it pleases you, to send out some support for all of them.
My sincere gratitude,

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