Thursday, September 03, 2015

"Of Our Shared Adventurous Perceptions..."

"Listen to the hidden sounds.
Use your other ears.
See the celestial sights.
Use your other eyes.
Perceive what cannot be measured by the ordinary senses...".
A. Villoldo 

"Of Seeking And Seeing..."

"The real voyage of discovery consists not only in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes...".  M. Proust

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"There Is Only Potential..."

"For now, there was only potential, only the future.
But it was a bottomless kind of potential of the sort that only comes at rare moments in life when all that really matters is what happens next.
The past had ceased to exist...
There was only an open path, the unanswered question of everything extending out before us...".  K. Johnson

"The Call To Adventure..."

"There is a long line of myths, legends, poetry, and stories throughout the world that tell us that it is in a single moment that the call to adventure comes.
It arrives in various forms - an 'itch', a fever, an offer, a ringing, an inspiration, an idea, a voice, words in a book that seem to have been written just for us - or even a simple knock...".  P. Cousineau

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Echoes From Within Their Flames..."

There is a small island.
Among many others.
Off the coast of a larger island...
A very favorite place of mine to wander by sea kayak. I had never set foot upon this particular point of rocky shore until during one very, very, low spring tide.
I was just barely able to land for a brief stretch.
I often wonder what I may find during such moments.
New vistas, unseen terrain, maybe not touched by any other. Something from our past.
And that was the echo that I not so much saw, as sensed that sunny day...
Among the trees, above the waters, tucked into the rocky shore, was an ancient fire ring.
How ancient I am never sure, but old enough for trees to grow tall among the placed rocks of this ring.
Old enough for there to be no remains at all of any flame burning, except for some blackening barely left under the rocks used there.
But still. Here this was, and I wondered over it. Pondered further too about who had been there, how very long ago, and with what echoes they had lived their lives with...
They would have been looking then at pretty much what I was viewing at this present moment.
They stayed longer in this spot than I would, to likely eat and sleep by this warm fire.
The flames would have flickered off the nearby trees with the echo of their laughter falling upon the company of the ocean.
Their presence would have been reflected in many ways as they lived that day among these secluded islands.
Such echoes create images in our minds eye of what was, even at times of what could be...
I remind myself that our actions in the wild places may echo and resonate for eternities just as these fire rocks have.
I ask often of myself too - what will we pass forward to be heard generations from now, and who will sense the reverberations of our intentions and adventures of today.
What an interesting connection over time.
From ages ago until these moments.
From then until now.
From them to each of us.
In the simple echo of a flame.....  DSD 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"A True Result..."

"The true result of any endeavour, whether on a mountain or in any context... The real measure of success... The true value of the enterprise - lies in the example to others of human motivation and human contact...". 
J. Hunt

"From That First Time..."

"While looking for crystals there, he happened to climb a nearby peak and felt for the first time, the mountaineer's exultation at standing on the summit. From that day forward it became his dream to become a climber...". N. O'Connell

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Sharing Wonderful Quotes..."

Jon F. recently shared the above quote. This invited some musings of course over some of my favorites...

"Climb these summits and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." J. Muir
It was an Outward Bound instructor who was first to introduce me to this special quote by Muir. It is one I have pondered, mused, and planned from over these many years.
A quote that set directions for me from all points of the compass...
Did you know that the actual writing of this quote is found to contain either the word 'mountains' or the word 'summits'. While being told the first version, the latter now resonates with me as the image of 'summits' has come to mean a great deal more too than the very top of a single mountain.
Some state Muir wrote it both ways as he did with many other notes and journal entries, when he composed and then revised his musings, at different levels, after different experiences, and over long years of ponderings.
That Outward Bound instructor was so right, and Muir's words have indeed rung so true, over these past decades of wild place journeys and within so many adventure seasons.
I often re-read this 'first quote' while looking towards the horizon.
For many more of such summits, sunshine, winds and storms, are waiting, patiently waiting. Just like these quotes do.
To simply be discovered and enjoyed out there..... DSD

Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Expression Of Spirit..."

"Human spirit is our greatest source for motivation.
Climbing then becomes an expression of this...".
P. Ament

"Directions Of Spirit..."

"Meaning is our map.
Human spirit is our unfailing compass...".
R. Robbins

"Mountain Spirits..."

"It is the human spirit that brings us to the mountains.
It is the mountains that reveal the human spirit to each of us...".
R. Messner

Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Hidden Strength Of The Human Spirit..."

"Both now and for always, I intend to hold fast to my belief in the hidden strength of the human spirit...".  A. Sakharov

"Art And Our Human Spirit..."

"Art is to me the glorification of the human spirit...".  H. Hofmann

"Part Of The Human Spirit..."

"We retell our favorite stories.
That's what we've done since we were always sitting around campfires.
It's part of the human spirit...".  J. Kinnaman