Monday, July 27, 2009

"To Be A Yosemite Explorer..."

Our last special visit to Yosemite is some time back now, and I recall how we spent hours and hours ahead of time searching and reading and enjoying everything we could find about the High Sierra's there. It was then that we discovered Yosemite Explorer...
Tom Lambert is the creator of this great site and together with Theresa Ho they are the spirits behind it. Tom is by profession an Historian and Editor, and Theresa's specialty is in Neuroscience. Their love for hiking, climbing, and skiing adventures have clearly endeared Yosemite to them. Now they share their wonderful experiences not only on this site, but also through teaching outdoor skills to others.
It seems that they have both been bitten by the 'explorer bug' for the hidden treasures to be found out there...
The many sections on Yosemite Explorer include those on hiking trails, rock climbs, ski tours, wild flowers, as well as many terrific photo's, and other news about this wonderful area.
In our communications, Tom & Theresa have shared their deep enthusiasm and spirit for the special place that Yosemite is... I appreciate how this site reflects the commitment they have for both these Sierra Highlands, and the many of us who have wandered there.
I especially like their, "We are all visitors here...", sentiments and the personal ethics that accompany this.
So, journey on over, and have fun exploring with Tom & Theresa!

The top award winning image above is Jeffrey Murray's and may be found at:


GB said...

I return more and more to Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra’s the longer I’m away from California. You may enjoy the art work of Chiura Obata:

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to Yosemite. One of the grandest national parks we have.

Mini Me said...

That top pictures is amazing - WOW!

Tom Lambert said...

I have to add, the top picture is not mine. That one is by Jeffrey Murray and was the winner in a photo contest I held on Yosemite Explorer back in 2008, giving away a night's lodging that I won in a ski race.

Jeffrey is a young photographer with some awesome work.

You can learn more abut Jeffrey at Jeffrey Murray Photography.

Remember, the path outside your door leads to the next one and the next one, all the way to the Lonely Mountain.

JK said...

Superb link dsd.
Our group is leaving for yosemite next month.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone, and Tom especially for the important details on that wonderful image.
GB, I wandered over and have now discovered Obata's work. Amazing and beautiful... Please note your email for me here (Will not be published) so I can catch up with you.