Thursday, April 21, 2011

"All Spoke The Same Language..."

"In the very earliest of times, when both people and animals lived together on earth, a person could become an animal if he wanted to, and a animal could become a human being. Sometimes there were people, and sometimes animals, and there was no difference. All spoke the same language...". Author Unknown

My gratitude to S. Boulet for the top image above and to B. Bosin for the lower image. DSD

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Barry said...

I believe there is a human presence that is comfortable in the presence of wildlife. Perhaps it is an affinity or maybe a lack of fear. I have met a couple of people in my lifetime who share this attribute with me. It is special. I know not from where it came but I have been in countless situations with wildlife where we got along just fine. It is a cautious place of co-existence but all my experiences have been very good, sometimes bordering on ethereal. I am fairly certain it has something to do with a sense of mutual respect and sensible behaviour. Hmmm. The human race might be able to use that amongst themselves.