Friday, April 15, 2011

"Cresting That Ridge..."

There can be those certain objectives in our lives of adventure that we dream endlessly about, commit so much to, and plan over so often... There is this one elusive summit, this one special mountain peak, that I have gazed upon every summer in our Western Rockies. I eventually attained that goal of a solo climb upon it and those precious moments up there... My first time up on that mountain was a very unique experience and I longed to return there again. It had become something more than an objective for me.. I knew the route well and was confident in my planning to go solo again. Visualizing the whole climb was a joy - the very early alpine start, being alone upon that trail, just by myself through those long hours of scree... Then I would picture each rock band; their colors, textures, and individual characters. The preparation was such great fun, and the training very challenging, but worth every hour. I would endlessly see in my minds eye the approach, the ascent, descent, and return... There seemed to be, though, one point on the climb in particular that resonated deeply with me. The summit was important; yet it was the cresting of a particular ridge that was even more significant... I knew that when this steep ridgeline was attained, that barring the most severe weather, the summit was almost assured... Having been there before I could feel again that the real difficulty was getting to, and then up upon that distinct ridgeline. The point on that crest was where I had rested before, just as the newly rising sun came around the edge of the mountain itself... My silhouette was projected out and across the sky, then over the valley below - I had never viewed anything so amazing... Returning to such places and experiencing them again is so very special. Such goals, within those ridgelines of our adventure lives, become children of our soul, reflections of our spirit, projections of ourselves... Can you see yourself out yet again Dear Finders, upon your own distant ridgelines, with the beauty of the horizon endlessly shining out there ahead of you.....DSD

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