Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Then Out Of Your Pack Comes - Character..."

Trails can be trials, altitude inherently holds adversity, paddling comes with winds and waves, climbing always has its challenges...
We train, we prepare, and we carry all we think that we need in our backpacks: The essentials, the rough weather clothes, that extra piece of gear that just may be required.
Then a much bigger storm hits, then our internal resources are tested further too, and just when we often least may expect to see and feel it within ourselves, out of our pack then comes - character...
You with the adventure personality know what I mean. You wanderers have felt that collective quality of latent tenacity. That distinctive something that is both seemingly insubstantial, and yet very truly substantial at the same time.
Like those extra layers of fleece, or that additional piece of gear, your character, your nature, is always there waiting to be utilized, practiced with, and applied.
When those real storms hit, then out of your pack it comes forth. More than only a tendency to carry on. Rather it is your own intrinsic unique style of going even that much further. Because we each individually choose to go farther.
Then we will enjoy it even more as we embrace our adventure challenges in this distinctive way.
Character is a deeper element of endurance and commitment. Not often recognized, but do we ever know it when we see and feel it.
Like a polished piece of old worn reliable gear, it is always, always, there waiting for us, and the more use it has, the better it becomes..... DSD

For Barbara...


- B. said...

Thank you, DSD. I'm really not sure what to say, but it's definitely time to start digging deeper into those backpacks :-).

Hiking Lady said...

DSD, this is one of my all time favorites of your musings! A person's character is the most important thing they have in my opinion, and it shows through in all that they do, yet often unrecognized. Thanks for your wonderful musings. Happy trails!

SummitStones said...

Hi B,
Much as we all take turns with on this journey as well. So glad you are feeling more centered...
Hi Carol!
Wonderful to hear this. Always great to share in our musings too.