Sunday, March 10, 2013

"You May Surprise Yourself..."

Way back when, in the midst of a beginner's uncertainty, among some of those natural initial doubts, our Outward Bound Instructor quietly said: "You may surprise yourself...".
In later years, on a technical route I was sure was way beyond my skill set, an older Mountain Guide mentor rightly said too: "You're going to surprise yourself...".
Well, after so many long years, and even longer adventure seasons, I have come to accept the meaningful wisdom and distinct truth in those quietly supportive & encouraging comments.
We never really know, if we don't go. We never truly see, if we don't push past. We never really realize, if we don't test it all out.
As adventurers we seek the unexpected, have trekked for the unknown, and are excited by the unusual. As wanderers we have also sought out the surreal, quested for the mysteries, looking to be captured by the many endless wonders out there.
So why does it surprise us when we find as many similarly elusive elements within - deep inside our hearts, minds, and spirit...
Contrary to what we first assume, a significant 180 degrees to our expectations, we just may surprise ourselves time and again as we adventure further and higher, as we wander farther and then discover there was always more within than we ever first realized...
What gifts that Outward Bound Instructor and that older Mountain guide passed forward to me, that I still find myself remembering again today. I will very likely surprise myself yet once more. As you will surely do as well Dear Friends, out upon your very next journey..... DSD

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