Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Phoenix's Arising....."

I am just back in from some distant wanderings, catching up with you all Dear Friends, and as well as about the overwhelming flood impacts upon our Alberta mountain community, Calgary, and others. It is hard to grasp, to understand all of what has been unfolding without a tear or two, and yet, still yet, seeing the beginnings of such spirit and inspiration among all those affected.
This had me musing this day, while reflecting upon my recent journeys, and these present challenges, over echoes of those Phoenix's that always arise from all such adversities...
We all have mountains to climb in our lives it seems. If you ever have the opportunity and the honour to look into the eyes for example, of an organ transplant recipient, as I have many times, then you will have met a mountaineer of another kind. For out of tragedy here arises something very unique, from a personal catastrophe, something truly exceptional can be found.
This is the Phoenix arising, the 'Rara Avis' that is discovered in both the lives of an Organ Donor's and the Transplant Recipients who are then gifted with a renewed life.
I have known adventurers who have undergone these trials. I have also had the exceptional experience of further time with those who have had to walk these same trails due to extremely serious health conditions.
'Rara Avis' is Latin for a very rare person or thing. A very unusual and uncommon event. When something is able to be saved, to be transformed, from such suffering and such tragedy that can occur in any of our lives - that is a true 'Rara Avis'. This is a real life Phoenix that arises from the ashes of these calamities, these many times fatally unhappy events.
I am reminded these days of how Anon wrote, "Each of us is on a climb of a different sort, facing our own mountains, struggling to cross our own rough seas"...
While recently meeting again out upon a shared trail with an Organ Transplant Recipient, and then also with an adventurer who is undertaking their own challenging experiences in support of this person, what I saw were the amazingly restorative connections they have, where through this adversity each has now become revived and renewed...
We all certainly have so very many mountains in our lives.
Those who climb through such adversity, illness, and pain, and then far beyond these severe challenges, can truly say they have summited many of the greatest mountains a human being can experience. As N. Shulman mused, "Everyday all of us have to attempt a mountain of sorts... Those that refuse to give up and are always willing to struggle uphill, can truly call themselves mountaineers...".
Those that then choose to commit themselves to 'Adventuring For Another Reason' in support, know deeply the close connections we can create between enduring within an adventure experience, and the dedication of such efforts towards another even more encompassing cause.
Let's all do what we can to support anyone who is of need right now.
To have done so amidst such distinct adversity is a true 'Rara avis', a real Phoenix arising..... DSD

Dedicated to those enduring service workers & volunteers in Alberta.
Dedicated this day as well to the Canadian Transplant Society , Canadian Transplant Association , Donate Life America , and the US Organ Donor Site .

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