Friday, July 05, 2013

"To Be As....."

We who adventure...
We seek and we quest, we wander and we journey.
So very far, up so high, for long enduring awe filled days.
Then we each seem to discover, the forever moments far beyond the elements, within our adventures way, way out there.
These, then, also become wonderous treasures within...
To be truly among the elements, is to become elemental ourselves.
To be as...
Resilient as stone and rock.
Enduring as the endless ocean waves.
Forever committed as the sun.
Persistent as all the winds.
To be as...
Wise and knowing as desert canyons.
Eternally strong as the glacial ice.
Quietly reflective as our campfires.
Lively energetic as the wild ones.
To be as...
Flexible as any winding river.
As far seeing as our chosen mountain summit.
Open and welcoming as a coastal island.
Sustaining as our northern lakes.
To be as...
Beautifully enlightened as the flickering stars.
Forever sharing as the revealing moonlight.
And as giving as the essence discovered within each and every wild place..... DSD

Dedicated to you all my Dear wandering Friends, and to my so appreciated Partners In Placing who pass forward many smiles along the way.


Alexandra said...

DSD, I have never told you this, but when I feel I need to escape even if for a short period of time, I come to your blog and get lost in one of your posts. Each time I read your posts just like your most recent one right here, I find myself going to a place of deep thought far from the realities of the day and I so enjoy ending up in these places. Thank you so much for your blog and your great thoughts!

SummitStones said...

Thank you so very much for those thoughts Andra. The inspiration is certainly mutual, from within your own wonderful musings and greatly enjoyable images you post as well.
We do get lost, don't we, in our ponderings from way out there... A kind of meditation it would seem, where the elements all blend and unfold so that we then discover, as that old quote says, not just a new place, but a new way of seeing...
You are very welcome my Friend, and my appreciation once more this season for sharing in all the smiles too!