Friday, July 26, 2013

"Further Sunrises... Farther Sunsets..."

Often we pause and linger, as the sun slowly wanders,
On its' own trails across the wide open sky...
It welcomes us and greets us, always just where we are at.
Then embraces us with both warmth and direction.
It seems to awake very often, much like we do.
Then much later goes off to rest as we need as well.
Each first arising moment, always feels like new energetic beginnings.
The other quiet time of setting invites such emotions of completion...
After so many years out on adventures,
At times I assume that the best ones have already been shared.
But these last seasons have reminded me once more,
Of the forever possible moments truly yet to be enjoyed.
Amidst the beauty and the wonder,
Of unfolding further sunrises.
Within the gentle smiles and awe,
Along with a farther inspiring sunset.
Sunrises are such eternally natural gifts provided for us.
Sunsets then reflect the inherent gratitude we then always feel..... DSD

Dedicated to those who create such amazing images, from within their own grand adventures, and who then share them with us all. My sincere appreciation my Friends.

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