Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Questions Only A Mountain Could Answer....."

That adventure day, I went back yet once more, as it seemed to echo out that there were questions only a mountain could answer...
It felt then that I simply had to return. I very much chose to go back, on a long solo climb, to a summit so very challenging for me. It had become clear that there were more things to ponder over. Other inquiries lingering in my mind. Some elusive musings yet to be grasped...
Much is called into question during our time away amidst such high place quests, and always within the far off wild places themselves. These are evidently real objectives for each of us, that most times also hold hidden gifts for both our wandering bodies and minds as well. We adventurers cross over so much terrain. Not just out there, but also with regards to the many truths we all ask about. Then we gaze towards the depths of understandings we each hope to eventually know...
We insight seeking creatures are both physical and spirited beings.
That is how we are made it seems.
So, on such adventure days of searching out, amidst our enduring curiosities and wild studies, when wanting to elicit a creative solution of some kind - it is time to return.
As there are some questions only moments upon a mountain will answer.
We all share in such wonderfully powerful, perpetual, wanderings towards our distant insights don't we my Friends..... DSD

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