Sunday, September 01, 2013

"I'll Be Climbing With You Still..."

Yes, way back then, there was that truly essential guiding, the valuable teaching, the showing and necessary skill building, and all of the wonderful leading.
Yet, there was also so much more...
There were endless hours on very personal terrain for individual training, unique navigating, and priceless encouraging. There were as many days over even longer seasons for modeling, mentoring, and motivating - things as elementally important as any other element itself.
In much later years as well there was now the sharing of memories. the humour and stories, the remindings, and reflecting on all of the experiences of so much more than ever first realized.
Then, at a farther point on our joined trails, when reminiscing about the whole journey, we talked about the inevitable. That time when our paths would diverge and then forever change direction.
I will never forget the words quietly shared right then:
"I'll be climbing with you still".
So many further years have now passed. He no longer adventures among these earthly elements. Yet his words echo out resoundly and clearly.
"I'll be climbing with you still".
And he is..... DSD

Dedicated this adventure day to all those Guides & Mentors we all have been gifted with. I am listening even more closely this last while for their words of encouragement as I find my way on this present trail...

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