Friday, January 17, 2014

"From The Lands Of If And When..."

Today I find myself musing now over a still evolving interpretation, about perspectives introduced to us so long ago on our Outward Bound Courses.
At times out there, we each ponder, how our tired eyes only appear to see - that if this or that happens, we might then get through.
Our exhuasted muscles seem to feel too, that when we finally get it all in place - then we might be able to rest.
Our weary spirit is led astray as well, for we might cling to beliefs that if only the conditions were right, and when everything works just so - then we will eventually attain that so elusive and perfect summit.
But only being among the lands of if & when, are like trying to traverse endless forests or desert. There we find ourselves navigating through mists and mirages, in order to climb what we finally discover was an illusion all along.
In the lands of if & when are countless false summits, and amidst those aimless traversings out there are also endless false promises.
If we endure and journey far enough, as we stay the course and keep on even further, then we become one of those wanderers who have made their way - from the land of if & when - to the true terrain of here and now...
This meaningful terrain we eventually discover, especially upon the paths of our adventures, that the real trails are right 'here', and the true north star reflecting out is actually 'now'.
So, we adventurers keep on journeying, on a quest even farther, from those misty lands of if & when, across to the adventure terrain of 'here and now', and what wonderful, awe inspiring gifts we always uncover all along the way..... DSD  

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