Wednesday, January 01, 2014

"Go... Start Now..."

Go... Start now...
This reflects the depths of the endless wisdom to be learned from Outward Bound, and those many insights shared our Mountain & Kayak Guides. They all pass forward so much. Yet today, this one elemental concept echoes out so clearly.
Go... Start now...
There are few reasons so important that we cannot begin somewhere. There are too many distractions that always will try to take us off course somewhat. We still need though, to begin someplace. To envision, to plan, to prepare, within our training, then a focus on needed knowledge and skills.
All are beginnings. So go, start now, we are reminded again.
Timing is important, but let us not only wait for what seems to be the absolute perfect time, as that moment may never come. This is what the experienced ones share with us time and again.
Dreams, desires, and passions, have endless energy we can draw upon. But do we not then need to make use of this, or it all wains away they say.
Further inspiration will always be there to keep ourselves going, especially when trials and hurdles present themselves. But those wise ones also share that momentum must be grasped too right when it presents itself.
So go, start now...
Whatever path or trail you envision, begin somewhere this day.
Whichever summit sparks your enthusiasm, initiate, start, set out, step forward, within that very moment.
Even today, our adventure's await each of us. So we need to go, go now.
Our mentors, friends, and close companions encourage us to do exactly that. They hope to see us become the adventurers we ourselves want to be. So they tell us to go, begin now.
Then, when, once having done this, once having gone - then start again, go again, yet again, and ever again my Dear Friends..... DSD 

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