Friday, May 23, 2014

"A Canyon In Front, A Mountain Behind, A Nexus Between..."

It has been a while, too long actually, since we have last wandered among those desert canyons. The last time out, when having a few hours to myself, I found a quiet secluded area to simply gaze, reflect, long ponder, and compose a few musings.
I didn't realize it at first, but this bit of rock and sand was in quite a unique location.
Picture this setting if you will my Friends, a distinct high point behind me, a very low one in front.
Quite a nexus it was.
Clearly a long desert mountain slope back there, and a deep canyon meandering right before me here.
Then, when simply quietly meditating for a bit, during the time when the sun was at its highest, it began to dawn upon me what a wonderful nexus of experience this was upon that particular point on the map.
A calm part of the day. The sun at its zenith. Breezes very gently moving about.
A canyon focused in front.
A grounded mountain behind.
A nexus is often about being centered between moments.
This is a bringing together for us adventurers that can be very meaningful, reflecting the energy of a place, and the spirit we bring as well, which all blend - then unfold, in such wonderfully contemplative ways.
Where will you discover your very next nexus my Dear Friends, for it is surely waiting patiently for your return..... DSD


Jeff said...

Nexus is a good word D.

I'm experiencing that myself these days, having just retired the first of April.

It affords me the opportunity to get out to the wild places even more often than I already was, and to continue along the search for the best ways to help others.

So far, so good. Ask me again in about 6 months when the reality of fixed income begins to kick in.

Wishing you well D.

Dsd Stones said...

Thank you so much my Friend.
Nexus is indeed a wonderful word. Full of perspective, opportunity, and possibility. Just like the next steps you are taking, especially when supporting and assisting others. Big smile for you being passed forward from here. I am getting back to the journey, and I wish you very well too Jeff.