Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Across The Valley..."

You can see this high summit from that unfolding distant forested valley road...
I kind of like that.
Later when I am so very long in the tooth, that I no longer can make it up there, or way out far down this valley, I will at least be able to further gaze upon these majestic mountains.
But for the present, as long as I can, there will still be as much motivation, momentum, and movement upon them as I am able to summon up.
The time when we first gaze upon our adventure objectives; when we actually see the presence of those elusive goals before us, are such wonderfully engaging forever moments.
I had longed to be up upon this one particularly unique mountain.
When that finally happened this past season, another experience began to unfold, besides the attainment of that singular summit.
I was now able to look across that deep valley more broadly, yet also more closely too...
There it was.
One other elusive summit I had long read about, and had before caught only the most fleeting views of from the valley floor.
While very much enjoying, and cherishing, the present summit attained in those quiet moments, I tucked away the vision too of what now had been revealed as a gift.
Later on the descent, there it was again, that shy pinnacle of a mountain, way across the valley, within all the shifting clouds, light, and shadows embracing it. All the while both enticing and inviting me to ponder about an adventure day over there.
I so look forward to when the plans and preparations will be in place to journey over to, then upon, that mountain seen across the valley.
Then as I do, in those moments, I hope to gaze out even once more - at another distant elusive peak, even farther away, across that long endless valley..... DSD

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