Saturday, June 07, 2014

"An Oval River Stone..."

This polished stone has so many lines upon it, and even more very tiny cracks among its' unique surface.
While oval and flat, it reminded me of a map, maybe even a kind of globe.
This little touchstone was discovered when out on our last river rafting journey some seasons ago. While I did gather up a few others to be passed forward as well, this one in particular I was pondering about keeping.
I so enjoy all things stone and also love maps of all kinds as well.
Here, in my hand, was both...
Such stones have true character, like that of a Scholars Rock .
These stones have an ancient story too, much like Ceremony Stones .
This one, spoke of journeys, with its' terrain of lines and cracks, and the unknown inviting symbolic maps within all of this.
I run my fingers over it, as I do with all my other maps, trying to discover what is hidden there, as with my many charts too.
I ponder long about keeping it. But that wouldn't feel just right. For it needed to be on a further journey, maybe even now in your own hand Dear Finder.
Know that I will miss it, but having gently painted upon it, 'Mixed In' all the elements within those bright colors, and then quietly having placed it - I'm sure you will then give it an adventurously memorable home..... DSD 

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