Monday, November 24, 2014


Now, this is not so much about storm chasing, as it reflects elemental storm questing experiences.
I especially enjoy the intense adventure of it when my intention is to both appreciate, and then to write about, what musings this whole experience sparks.
There is much immediacy, and potency, deep within the midst of a mountain or coastal storm. I haven't met anyone out there who is not both inspired, and yet also feeling a respectful awe, of the power of these darkly, then brightly clashing elements.
I am also a very careful wanderer who watches the weather patterns closely. Who is looking for safety of location as soon as any thunder voices itself, and ensures I am not by any means the tallest object around.
There are no metal hiking poles with me those days, no large single trees or boulders about. Although being close to treeline still does make sense.
The highpoints, outcrops, and overhangs, of the terrain are avoided. The lower points distinctly embraced.
My sleeping pad becomes a cushion I can crouch low upon too, as I tuck myself away when the sky and clouds deeply darken, and the winds begin to endlessly bellow.
When the lighting dims, the music begins, and the energy of it all is then so wonderfully released...
The sights and sounds are like no other.
The inherent inspiration to compose something becomes as momentous.
The blending of it all into both memories, and then words, is an amazing lasting adventure itself.
The little cobblestones I then always discover are truly a gift as well.
Seeking out those elements of thunder and lightning, then wandering, pondering, and composing musings while out there among them - is such a very enlightening experience..... DSD 


Dean K Miller said...

Nature is one of the greatest driving forces in moving the simple, graceful thoughts forward of those who pay attention. Very nice.

Dsd Stones said...

Thank you Dean. That is indeed a truth I believe as well. If only we listen... Then so much more is possible...
You have inspired me to muse here more on listening.