Sunday, November 02, 2014


I am not sure what 'time' and the other elements were doing, but my adventure day back then was unfolding in a wonderfully surreal way...
It was almost as if what we often experience deep within our dreams was playing out upon that mountain.
I noticed that the very early morning valley winds were gusting much faster than usual. The clouds far above were moving by more speedily as well. The way the warming air shifted, and the movements of a few other adventurers on that most often quiet trail, were fast in an unusual way.
Now I know that as we age and grey, that things do seem to move along quicker than we might. But this ephemeral kind of engaging deceleration was unique and very different...
It was like I had touched upon that secret pace. That hidden rhythm of movement. That was not just about a body going forwards and upwards - but was an expression of those depths of unconscious consciousness that we all have more within of, than we ever first realize.
It was so wonderfully surrealistic...
Everything around me was moving or shifting or changing so slightly more speedily. While I seemed to become even slower, distinctly more reposeful, almost anachronistic. It felt as if time's usual sense of rules no longer applied in those lengthening unfolding elemental moments.
The clouds continued to speed up. The breezes gusted further. The nearby waterfalls kept subtly shifting unusually as well. Yet my renewed slowness of movement did not hinder my pace nor my climbing. My vision, perception, breathing, and heartbeat had all found their own natural tempo.
A surreal phenomenon it was.
The elements about me speeding up.
While the elements within me had slowed to such a leisurely, energetically, wonderful place.
I think it was a brief , but forever, meaningful expression if you will. From those depths of subconscious consciousness we all have. In how we are truly meant to blend with the wild places while we wander..... DSD 

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