Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Be Well......."

A simple saying discovered while distant wandering resonates nicely for this time of year...
'Be well my friends, be well...'
In this time of celebrations, connections, and fun,
During a season that may, like adventures, both invite us and also challenge us,
In the midst of our shared holiday spirits,
Be well...
As we remember to focus on what is truly important,
Even as so much grasps for our attention,
If the pace gets more than a bit hectic, as when that storm rolled in off of the ocean, or those winds whipped up across that lake,
Pause for your moments, like you did on that elusive summit,
And be well...
Recall your amazing adventure experiences these last twelve months,
Draw upon those many wonderful wild place moments these past four seasons,
Breath them all in again as you share laughter and love with family, friends, and fellows,
And be well my Friends, be well Dear Finders,
Be well..... DSD 

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